Are you CAT prepared? What will the summer bring?

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VANCOUVER, BC, JUNE 25, 2021 / insPRESS / – As we carefully approach the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, the Kernaghan adjusters have been careful not to be distracted by a potentially huge CAT season. This week KA released its revised Disaster Plan 2021. This comprehensive tool, which can be used by experts and customers, ensures efficient handling of high volume claims along with many benefits including – strategies to maintain high customer satisfaction, fewer policyholder complaints, fewer legal claims, lower risk of bad faith, and Better control over compensation and expenses paid for damages that affect the claims ratio.

“The pandemic has shown how catastrophic events, even if unlikely, can happen at any time. Last year, insurers across the P&C industry threw away their CAT playbooks as they struggled with the most important aspect of getting physical bodies into the field as quickly as possible, ”commented Patti Kernaghan, President & CEO of Kernaghan Adjusters. “Our new disaster plan focuses on disaster planning rather than disaster relief. The comprehensive plan outlines world-class CAT claims handling standards for before, during and after CAT.

The COVID-19 pandemic presented a number of new challenges in addition to last year’s tough disaster season. When Cats ripped through Alberta causing roughly $ 2 billion in insured damage, most of which came from the Calgary hail in June ($ 1.3 billion), insurers and surveyors had to answer questions like how they should best deal with the claims.

“The health and safety of our policyholders and experts remained our top priority throughout the pandemic and especially during the disaster season,” said Patti. “Out of necessity, we have adapted to find new and better ways to serve our customers while respecting public health guidelines and maintaining excellent customer service. It was important that we pass on what we learned for future disaster planning. “

KA used her extensive experience managing catastrophic weather events in Canada to create the holistic plan. The framework conditions of the plan, which is adjusted depending on the type of weather event and the insurer’s claims processing, have already been implemented in the proactive phase. KA is currently forecasting the volume of claims, coordinating business continuity plans to ensure that each affected site can continue to operate, a dedicated contact center has been set up and the team of CAT repairers is trained and ready to be mobilized across the country.

“Our goal for this plan is to implement innovative ways to improve a product that is already working well for insurers and help insured through these adverse situations as quickly as possible,” said Patti. “We would like to thank all of our customers for their continued support. We are available when you need us!”.


“At Premier we have been working successfully with Kernaghan Adjusters for over 20 years. They understand our model and know that claims are where the rubber hits the street. With their national presence and an extensive network of employees, their teams are always ready to provide their specialist knowledge, be it in the provision of our emergency service outside of business hours or the use of experts in the event of a CAT damage. ” Premier Marine.

“Kernaghan Adjusters was an important partner when our company was involved in CAT events. Your quick attention to our claims, experienced experts and adherence to our company protocols have benefited our policyholders in crisis situations as well as our company through excellent customer service. ”- Jason Evans, Claims Manager, Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company.