Appleton targets pet mills, bans sale of canines, cats at pet shops

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Appleton will ban pet stores from selling dogs and cats from July 1st. (Photo: Getty Images)

APPLETON – The city will ban pet stores from selling dogs and cats from July 1st.

The move, unanimously adopted by the Joint Council on Wednesday, is a preemptive strike against puppy and kitten mills.

“Most of the puppies and kittens sold in pet stores come from large commercial breeding facilities that neglect animal health and welfare in order to maximize profits,” the city’s decision for a regulation said .

Councilor Michael Smith referred the resolution back to committee two weeks ago but fully supported it when he returned to the council.

“I read up on this and am 100% behind it,” said Smith.

Hannah Herzog of Appleton campaigned for the ordinance not only to prevent animal mistreatment, but also to protect unsuspecting pet buyers.

“Over the past year my knowledge of puppy mills has grown tremendously, and I don’t want this inhumane industry in our community,” said Herzog.

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CONNECTED: Appleton is trying to ban pet stores from selling cats and dogs

Appleton has three licensed pet stores: Petco, 3829 E. Calumet St .; Just Pets, 2009 N. Richmond St .; and Pet Supplies Plus, 702 W. Northland Ave. No one sells dogs or cats, and everyone supported the resolution.

The resolution says:

“No pet store may sell, deliver, offer for sale, barter, auction, gift, or otherwise transfer or dispose of cats or dogs. Nothing in this section prohibits pet stores from working with pet care organizations or animal rescue organizations to accommodate such facilities to accommodate adoptable dogs or Present cats provided the pet store does not have ownership of the animals offered for adoption and does not receive a fee for providing space for adoption. Dogs cannot be kept overnight. “

The maximum penalty for a violation is $ 200 for a first offense and $ 500 for a subsequent offense. Each dog or cat put up for sale is a separate violation.

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