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ORLANDO, Florida., June 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – NAVC Veterinary Meeting and Expo (VMX) Booth # 1026 -6. June 2021 — Today, Antech Diagnostics announced new data and innovative advances in several core diagnostic tests designed to help veterinarians find disease faster and more efficiently than conventional diagnostics allow. Published data, field data and technological advances in line with KOL guidelines demonstrate the value of continuous improvement in diagnostics for veterinarians seeking innovative ways to restore pet health as quickly as possible.

In its in-person and virtual booth, Antech will showcase several key advances in its novel diagnostic tests, notably RenalTech ™, which predicts chronic kidney disease in cats up to 2 years before onset; Canine CE-IBD ​​Assay, the first non-invasive veterinary blood test for chronic enteropathy / inflammatory bowel disease (CE / IBD) in the dog; the FIRSTract ™ Urine Culture Test, the first automated test for fast and reliable urine culture results in cats and dogs; and Accuplex, a screen for vector-borne disease in dogs with C6, aligned with the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) consensus guidelines for Lyme disease.

Data milestones and technological advances include the following:

New data shows that RenalTech inspires more veterinary visits and better care for cats
RenalTech ™ uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict whether a cat will develop chronic kidney disease (CKD) up to 2 years before diagnosis with greater than 95% accuracy. One in 3 cats will develop CRF. Early warning of disease enables veterinarians to proactively manage disease when early treatment strategies have the best chance of success. Now, data from a retrospective review of 730,000 vet visits shows that RenalTech is also improving preventive care options for cats by increasing vet visits by 31% after a positive RenalTech result. Pet owners also purchase early interventions related to CKD, including food and medication. These new data demonstrate the value of RenalTech to practices that seek to improve the overall wellbeing of cats while making a positive impact on the health of cats with CKD.

For more information, please access the following on-demand and virtual booth sessions.
On-Demand: “Predicting Future Diagnostic, Early Diagnosis, Staging and Management Strategies”, by Dennis J. Chew, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM
Virtual booth: “The surprise in chronic CRF” by Dr. Jennifer Ogeer

New data shows that the Canine CE-IBD ​​Assay is valuable as a first-line diagnostic test and as a monitoring tool
A May 7, 2021, Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine study confirmed the diagnostic and supervisory value of the Canine CE-IBD ​​Assay, the veterinary medicine’s first non-invasive blood test for chronic enteropathy / inflammatory bowel disease (CE / IBD) in dogs. The study demonstrated the value of the assay as a first-line screening tool for all dogs with chronic GI symptoms, as well as a monitoring tool to assess a CE / IBD dog’s response to treatment. This is the second novel assay study published by JVIM, demonstrating Antech’s commitment to validating new ways its novel diagnostics can be used across populations so that veterinary teams can help an ever-increasing number of pets get better faster to become.

For more information, please access the following on-demand and virtual booth sessions:
On-Demand: “Advancing Diagnostic Options for Chronic Enteropathies in Dogs”, by Dr. Jacqueline Johnson, BVMS, MS, DABVP (C / F) CVPP, CCR
Virtual booth: “Canine Chronic Enteropathy Bioassay” by Dr. Johanna Cooper

The FIRSTract ™ Urine Culture Test helps veterinarians support One Health with urine culture results in hours versus days
The first automated urine culture for cats and dogs offers veterinarians a new way to quickly and appropriately prescribe antibiotics for urinary tract infections (UTIs). While urinary tract infections are one of the main reasons for prescribing antibiotics, the data shows that 40% are prescribed with no evidence of infection. The FIRSTract Urine Culture Test confirms the presence or absence of bacteria within 24 hours, thus helping to provide quick and effective treatment for pets and allowing veterinarians to maintain their commitment to antibiotic good use, an important One Health Principle.

For more information, please visit the following virtual booth session: “Urinalysis” by Dr. Heather Wamsley

Best parasite detection technology now available: Accuplex with C6
Accuplex with C6 is available now, giving Antech customers access to the very best in parasite detection technology. Accuplex’s comprehensive parasite testing platform provides gold standard sensitivity for heartworm testing and Lyme disease testing in accordance with the ACVIM consensus statement. In addition, it offers highly specific tests for Ehrlichia with the detection of E. canis antibodies almost two weeks earlier than any other diagnostic test as well as the early detection of A. phagocytophilum.

For more information, please visit the following on-demand session:
On Demand: “Vector Borne Disease Testing: How To Use Accuplex Testing To Maintain Standards Of Care,” by Dr. Jennifer Lopez, DVM, MBA

For easy and convenient access to Antech’s VMX presence, please visit

About Antech
At the heart of Antech is our love for pets. By combining innovative technologies backed by scientific accuracy with data-driven insight and counseling moments, we help veterinarians and their teams improve the health and wellbeing of the pets we love. Our commitment to customers spans more than 30 years, celebrating their commitment to setting new standards in pet care quality, which we support through innovative diagnostic, imaging, training and support services. Today, Antech is driving the future of pet health as part of Mars Petcare, the world’s leading pet food and health care ecosystem. Visit us at Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

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