Animal rescue takes in horribly injured dog named Baxter, helping nurse him back to health

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FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA. – A dog desperately needs help after experiencing one of the worst cases of animal cruelty, rescuers said.

Officials believe the dog Baxter was used as bait.

Baxter, the one-year-old pit bull mix, is on his feet despite the abuse and neglect that have brought him to the brink of death.

“He couldn’t even stand, he was emaciated, he had the open wounds that oozed it and his snout was almost gone,” said Alison Lopresti, who heads DD’s Senior Sanctuary. “This is the worst thing we’ve ever seen.”

Lopresti’s rescue came in to care for the severely malnourished dog, which weighs only nearly half its normal size.

The injured and weak dog was found abandoned on the streets of Broward County on Saturday and taken to an emergency animal hospital.

“The first night it was kind of touch-and-go,” said Lopresti. “We believe he was a bait dog, so he was used in dog fights for other larger dogs to come in and attack him.”


After Baxter’s story was posted online by the group, he received a lot of love and attention, and the four-legged, resilient rover has consistently returned the favor.

“He’s still very loving and trusting,” said Lopresti.

For more information on DD’s Senior Sanctuary or to make a donation, visit DD’s website by clicking here.

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