Animal Rescue Puts a Blind Cat, a Seeing-Eye Cat, and Their Helper Up for Adoption Together

Sioux City Iowa Animal Adoption Rescue is looking for someone to take home a trio of cats who, under special circumstances, have become families.

The rescue brought a blind cat who was born without eyes, whom they named Keller, and just days later rescued a cat who appears to be his mother. Keller and his mother are inseparable and it is clear that, according to KCAU, she is Keller’s “seeing eye”.

“We brought him in and he was very lost, very confused. Within a day or so we got what we think was his mother, ”said Cindy Rarrat, the station’s director of Sioux City Animal Adoption and Rescue.

Unfortunately, on further testing, the rescue found that the mother cat had serious health problems, including a removed tumor, so they thought it would be a good idea to bring in a third cat to help out with the family.

The shelter selected a 9 week old kitten named Trixie, and it seems to have worked. Rarrat told the point of sale that Trixie is now learning to help Keller get around, and the mother cat can relax a little and watch them play. Now the rescue is looking for a home that can accommodate all three cats.

“We were looking for that special home, for that special person to give these guys a chance,” said Rarrat.

Interested parties can apply for adoption for the small family here.

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