Animal control monitoring dog kept outside Fairfield home

FAIRFIELD – Animal control officers monitor a dog’s health after police reports they received complaints about the pet living outside on a property.

Police said they opened an investigation after concerns were raised about the dog’s welfare being outside and possibly exposed to the elements.

Police said an animal rights officer went to the house Sunday after receiving an anonymous complaint that the dog was tied to a tree with wire in a wooded area.

Police said the area where the dog is kept is divided into three sections: a wooded area where a tether is set up and the dog is restrained for a few hours during the day, a trampoline and a play area where the dog is tied to a tether for a few hours and a covered deck on which the kennel and crate are kept and covered with tarpaulin.

The animal welfare officer found that there were two dog bowls near the boxes – one filled with water, the other with dry food. The official found no violations of state law, but raised concerns with the dog owner about the upcoming winter months and asked about his plan for the colder weather.

The animal welfare officer returned to the property with the police K-9 sergeant on Monday. The dog is healthy and runs around freely in the fenced area of ​​the property, the police said. Two dog houses were seen that day – one described as a double-wide dog house with padding and a blanket and the other as a large wire dog box with blankets in it, police said. Each box was under a waterproof tarpaulin that covered three sides of the boxes, the police said. The enclosures were found under a deck.

The animal welfare officer found that the clip on the tether in the courtyard had a swivel, which is required by state law. The official told the owner about the expected Nor’Easter Tuesday and offered to keep the dog at the shelter for a few days, but the owner turned down the offer, police said.

Police said the dog appeared healthy and was admitted and given adequate shelter. The officer and the sergeant found no violation of the animal welfare laws, the police said.

On Tuesday, during the storm that brought rain and wind over the area, officers checked the dog and found it in the enclosure below the deck, which was sheltered from the elements, police said. A special service lieutenant called the dog’s owner that day to discuss the ongoing investigation.

“She was very cooperative and understands our need for follow-up examinations and investigations,” said the police. “She added that she loves her dog very much. The owner was very concerned about the way the complaints were received, the potential nuisance that could be inflicted on her and the possibility of people entering her property. ”

The police said that the animal welfare officer wants to check on the dog again next week. According to the police, the owner wants to buy a heated dog house.

The animal control officer said he had found no likely reason for the animal’s arrest or confiscation based on the conditions he observed.

“At this point, the investigation will temporarily continue as a follow-up to (Animal Control) as there is no likely reason for arrest or reasonable grounds to believe that the animal is in danger of immediate harm, neglect or cruel treatment arranged by (Animal Control ) and the dog owner, “said the police.

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