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George Cervantes is a local celebrity partner who volunteers his weekends at the Santa Monica Animal Shelter, encouraging others to do the same.

Celebrity Matchmaker Encourages People to Help Local Shelters

By Haley Beyer

Celebrity Santa Monica matchmaking agent George Cervantes has volunteered at local animal shelters, including the Santa Monica Animal Shelter, for the past decade.

He’s so excited about it that he adopted six cats.

“I like to show up and do whatever they need, but my favorite volunteer activities are socializing with the cats and helping set up the big events the shelter is hosting to encourage adoption,” said Cervantes.

“However, anyone who wants to volunteer should know that it’s not just about playing with cute animals all day. It is much work. I want people to take it seriously. “

The shelter is looking for people like Cervantes. If you’d like to volunteer, go to the shelter or their website to fill out an application.

Volunteers do things like cleaning, feeding the animals, running the reception, walking dogs and socializing the cats.

In addition to dogs and cats, the shelter is home to hamsters, guinea pigs and birds. As in most animal shelters, there are extremely high numbers of cats.

“I have a lot of patience with the cats,” said Cervantes.

“Many people see that the cats are feral or not yet warmed up for humans and give up socializing, which never gives them the opportunity to be with humans.”

This is important, he said, so that the cats become adoptable.

This is especially true for older animals. They have a harder time getting adopted because they are often stuck, with health problems and shorter lives ahead of them.

One of Cervantes’ favorite things to do when volunteering is watching the animals progress.

Most come scared and unhappy. He watches how they slowly adjust to people and become kinder while they wait for their eternal family.
This is one of many reasons why it is so important not to kill for shelters because it gives the animals the time they need to reach their full “pet” potential.

“It’s even more inspiring to see how big some people’s hearts really are,” said Cervantes.

“A cat will have one eye missing or a dog will have a health condition that will cause most people to walk right past them, but when people see them for their personality they realize they are as good as the others and deserve a love. ” also at home.”

Volunteering at the shelter has so many benefits, but the best part is knowing that you’ve changed the lives of the animals.
“They are so happy to see you when you come in,” said Cervantes.

“It really makes a difference for them to have visitors because they are in cages all day. Just 30 minutes of your time can change an animal’s life. You need attention and love to become an animal that someone will want to take home. “

Santa Monica Animal Shelter
1640 Ninth Street,
Santa Monica


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