An elderly dog I took in from an animal charity escaped from my garden and now I am distraught

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DEIDRE LOVE: An older dog that I took in from an animal welfare organization fled my garden and has been missing for well over a month. I’m desperate.

This dog had been at the rescue center for years and needed a loving home. I did everything I could to settle her in, including sleeping next to her, to build trust.


My rescue dog has been missing for well over a month – I’m desperate

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I had only had her for two weeks, but she managed to escape. I’ve put up posters, searched the streets and kennels, and called anyone I can think of, but she hasn’t been spotted.

I am a 33 year old woman. I’ve had prank calls that haven’t helped my mental health. The stress made me sick. I feel like I have failed. I try my best to find her, but the guilt is overwhelming at times.

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DEIDRE SAYS: This is any dog ​​owner’s worst nightmare. You did a good thing in welcoming this bitch and clearly you went out of your way to show her love and care. So please be kind to yourself – try to focus on the positive steps you have taken.

You are not a failure, you put a tremendous effort and thought into helping another creature.

Dogs are reunited with their owner months after running away or getting lost. To understand the support, contact (0800 096 6606).

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