AMTRA reports rising demand for animal medicines

The Veterinary Medicines Education Regulatory Authority (AMTRA) has announced increasing demand for veterinary medicines, including the prescription and supply of certain veterinary medicines.

The organization said pet owners are increasingly concerned about the difficulty of accessing a veterinarian, and more and more practices are having difficulty recruiting veterinary staff to fill rosters.

This is reportedly due to fewer EU-skilled veterinarians working in the UK, professionals leaving the industry and increasing numbers of households welcoming pets into their homes as a result of the pandemic, creating a “burden” on the veterinary industry.

AMTRA said Registered Veterinary Medicines Advisers (RAMAs) therefore play an “even more important role” in providing pet owners with access to qualified and dedicated advice and guidance on how to maintain animal health, including measures to prevent fleas and ticks – and worm control.

Stephen Dawson, AMTRA Secretary General, said, “Pet stores and retailers continue to recognize the importance of providing customers with access to registered professionals with a tailored qualification in veterinary drug advice.

“We have seen a significant increase in pet ownership over the past 18 months, which in turn increases the requirements for qualified treatment advice and the provision of veterinary medicinal products.”

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