American Veterinary Medical Association says veterinarians have highest turnover rate in medical field

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According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, veterinarians have the highest turnover rate in the medical field.

This means fewer doctors will stay around to treat your pet.

veterinarian dr Carlos Aguiar sees this lack in most veterinary clinics.

“The shortage is mainly emergency vets for animals that are critical. I’ve seen many customers get frustrated because their animals weren’t seen in time,” said Dr. Carlos Aguiar, owner of Healmobile Vets Veterinary.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, poor work-life balance, stress and feeling unappreciated are the top three reasons for this turnout.

It causes a trickledown effect in shelters.

“With our public clinic, we just had to stop accepting appointments from the public,” said Lindsay Layendecker, director of communications for the Jacksonville Humane Society.

Vets who have chosen to stay here also have heavy workloads.


dr Augiar encourages pet owners to take preventative measures.

“Pet owners should be more proactive and try to make an appointment with their GP for preventative treatment so they don’t end up in the emergency room. Some of these diseases are preventable,” said Dr. Augiar.

While veterinarians are in short supply, demand has increased and there is currently no probable date when this shortage will end.

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