American Veterinary Group exceeds 100 practice-mark in network of hospitals

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Significant achievement offers AVG the chance to provide more pet care and veterinary career opportunities

American Veterinary Group (AVG)—owner and operator of a network of veterinary clinics—has surpassed 100 practices.

“It’s been an honor to be at the helm for this period of tremendous growth for AVG,” expressed Craig Niebur, CEO of AVG, in a company release.1

“Beyond the numbers and figures, including more than 1,600 employees and 1.4 million pets treated and protected last year alone, are the people. As we grow, so does the AVG network of caring, hardworking professionals who have the opportunity to expand their expertise, reach new heights within their professional careers, and serve even more animals,” he added.

The Tampa-based company has locations throughout 10 states, including Florida, Georgia, Texas and the Carolinas. It maximizes its infrastructure by offering substantial support for hospital operations, medical expertise, recruiting, training, marketing, finance, and human resource functions. In turn, this inspires its veterinary practices and professionals.

According to the release,1 3 veterinarians are spearheading the senior leadership team, along with regional medical directors. AVG promotes professional development and leadership opportunities for paraprofessionals and areas of special interest for veterinarians.

Additionally, AVG has a proprietary continuing education program entitled LevelUp designed for veterinary technicians and customer support staff. Meanwhile, the AVG in-house learning and development team offers extensive leadership training for practice managers. What’s more, recent veterinary graduates are placed with mentors and engage in learning and development programs to expand their knowledge, skill sets, and experience.

“The veterinary profession is an amazing profession to be a part of, and I couldn’t be more proud to be affiliated with AVG,” said Christopher Smith, DVM, MBA, chief medical officer and chief operating officer of AVG, in the release . “Veterinarians are the strongest when we’re together, and each practice within our growing network of hospitals fuels our strength and translates to phenomenal patient care for pets.”

Another stand-out feature of AVG’s hospital network is that the list includes approximately 20 UrgentVet locations that are open nights, weekends, and holidays.1


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