American canines on the lookout for new leash on life arrive in Barrie (6 images)

This week, 16 dogs arrived at the SPCA Animal Centers in Ontario, including Barrie, Stouffville and Brockville

STOUFVILLE – The Ontario SPCA and Humane Society is giving new life to 16 dogs from the United States thanks to a homecoming mission that sees the dogs find loving homes in Ontario and help shelters south of the border make room for more animals.

The dogs arrived at the SPCA Animal Centers in Ontario on May 19 with health certificates and proof of vaccination and have since received additional wellness exams. They can be adopted at the Ontario SPCA Animal Centers in Stouffville, Barrie, and Brockville. Animals adopted by the Ontario SPCA are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, treated for parasites, and microchipped.

Getting the dogs safely across the border required carefully coordinated efforts between the SPCA staff in Ontario and the animal partner organizations in the United States. In addition to ensuring the well-being of the dogs on their trip from North Carolina, when they met at the border, the teams had to develop a plan to maintain the physical distance due to the safety requirements of COVID-19. All CBSA and CFIA import regulations were met, including health checks, vaccination certificates and transport regulations.

This dog transport is the first of 2021 for the Ontario SPCA, which is working with communities, rescue workers, and other SPCAs and humane societies to help find homes for animals by moving them to areas of the province where families are based waiting for their adoption.

“There are a lot of animal shelters in the US that are full or almost full, which means that they have run out of space to help other animals that appear on their doorsteps,” said Bonnie Bishop, director and leader of the transfer team. Ontario SPCA and Humane Society. “With 12 animal centers across the province, the Ontario SPCA can help, and we are grateful to be working with our partners south of the border to give these dogs the loving families they deserve.”

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