Amended HK law requires driver to stop after hitting a cat or dog

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HONG KONG (China Daily / Asia News Network): Drivers must stop the vehicle after hitting a cat or dog as the Road Traffic Ordinance (amendment) 2021 comes into effect on Sunday (November 7th).

In a statement released Friday, a Food and Health Bureau spokesman said the change comes as the number of dogs and cats kept by the public has increased in recent years.

“Traffic accidents resulting in injuries or deaths to these animals have occurred from time to time,” the spokesman said.

To protect animal welfare, the amended ordinance stipulates that drivers must stop the vehicle if they meet a cat or a dog so that the injured animal can receive medical care in good time.

“Before stopping, drivers should make sure that it is safe so as not to endanger themselves or other road users,” added the spokesman.

The road traffic regulations stipulate that the driver of a vehicle must stop if “an accident occurs in this vehicle in which animals outside the vehicle are harmed”.

Currently, the definition of “animal” includes any horse, cattle, donkey, mule, sheep, pig or goat, and after the amended regulation comes into force, it will also include cats and dogs.

The road traffic regulations also stipulate that the driver must give details of their name and address to the police officer or to anyone who has a justified right to information. Otherwise, the driver must report the accident to the police within 24 hours of the incident.

A driver who does not stop after an accident will be fined HK $ 10,000 and imprisonment for 12 months while failing to provide information and reporting to the police within 24 hours will be fined HK $ 25,000 $ and six months’ imprisonment.