Amazon Customers Swear by the Ladoogo Canine Leash

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What sets this ergonomic leash apart from the rest is the padded handle, which is made from a padded foam and has a grooved texture for a firm grip, even when dogs pull the hardest. The actual leash consists of a thick and durable climbing rope that is resistant to tangling.

Pet owners have a choice of 5-foot and 6-foot leash lengths, which both dogs can carry between 18 and 120 pounds. (In fact, the 5-foot option is currently up to 53% cheaper.) Other benefits include a stainless swivel hook, reflective threads, and a safety line that can be used as a collar in an emergency. You will also receive two lines with your order.

Buy it! Ladoogo Dog Leash, $ 12.74- $ 15.99 (originally $ 15.99- $ 26.99);

The Ladoogo dog leash is a favorite among Amazon buyers – it has over 13,000 five-star reviews. In their reviews, pet owners have highlighted that it works with a variety of dog breeds and performs better than traditional nylon leashes, especially for puppies who are not yet on a leash as they are less likely to be wrapped.

“Our 90-pound [Lab] is a very heavy puller and it definitely feels like it could hold up on her with no problem, ”said one reviewer. “It doesn’t seem too heavy or bothersome for our little guy either,” a 25-pound mix of Pomeranians. “The foam handle is really great, especially when our big girl pulls without cutting your hand or slipping away. I like the feel of the clasp that is attached to the collar. It feels very robust and can be rotated 360 degrees, so no twisted leash. “

According to one reviewer, it doesn’t worsen health conditions that can make keeping a leash difficult. “My father will occasionally take one of the dogs for a walk with me as walking is good for his health, but he has terrible arthritis on his hands,” they said in their five-star rating. “And the first day he went for a walk on one of those lines, he was so happy. He said it was like clouds for his arthritic hands. “

“I’m so grateful that I ordered these lines,” enthused one Amazon buyer. “I walk a few dogs every day and I have a couple that are pretty strong and love to pull. I’ve worked on training them so that they don’t pull like that, and I’ve had a bit of “line burn” on the normal lines. I was originally looking for longer lines when I noticed this one. They are nice and thick and the rubber grip on the handle is super comfortable. ”

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