Almost Home Foundation Dog and Cat Rescue of Schaumburg Launches Cause 4 Paws Campaign to Raise Money for the Addition of a Surgical and Medical Treatment Center, Including a Facility Expansion and Improvement

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The Near Home Foundation, a non-profit, purely voluntary dog ​​and cat rescue service, is running a Cause 4 Paws campaign to raise funds to build a surgical and medical treatment center, including expanding and improving our facility. These exciting and much-needed changes will support the organization’s vision and commitment to reducing the number of homeless and unwanted pets.

In 2020, the Fast Home Foundation saved 1,106 cats and dogs thanks to the generosity and dedication of our amazing supporters. However, this remarkable feat resulted in medical expenses in excess of $ 300,000. Many of the animals we welcome into our rescue arrive with health problems that require substantial funds for treatment. It is important to emphasize that CHD does not discriminate based on health, race, age, skin color, or physical ability. Our aim is not to turn away animals regardless of their medical needs. We are proud to say that we have saved over 300 heartworm positive dogs since 2018!

The expansion of our facility to include a surgical and medical treatment center enables internal sterilization and fundamental review. This will significantly reduce our medical costs and allow us to step up our rescue efforts and help animals in need of advanced care. In addition to reducing medical costs, having an in-house review will also speed medical care for our rescued animals, simplify scheduling, and eliminate the need to coordinate transportation to multiple local vets. Our volunteers’ time is better used for training, socialization and enrichment activities than for transportation services. The animals experience less stress and benefit from the extra time our volunteers have to enrich their quality of life in our care.

To make room for the addition of a medical center, we have to “increase the woof!” This second floor expansion will also give us the extra space we so desperately need. We have outgrown our facility and have no more space to house the many animals we are saving. Every incoming animal transport is bittersweet; Animals are saved, but our hearts break for those left behind due to lack of space.

Our goal is to raise $ 500,000 to complete this project. Tribute items such as pet ID tags for placement in a wall art design, dedication stars for a mural, and laser engraved brick tiles are some of the items available for purchase. A dedication can be made in memory or in honor of a loved one, be it a pet or a human family member. You can even spot a company or organization. There are also options for larger donation items such as personalized benches or room naming privileges. Please visit to learn more about this important campaign and our organization.

About the Near Home Foundation

We’re a volunteer, registered, non-profit 501 (c) 3 charity dedicated to rescuing stray, neglected, abused, and abandoned cats and dogs. We have no paid staff and rely on AHF volunteers who give their time, home and heart to our rescued animals until they find their loving home forever. Our main focus is on saving the animals that need us most.