All Good News: Nonprofit veterinary clinic Free Animal Doctor provides much needed medical services for pet owners

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ARCADIA (KABC) – Free Animal Doctor, a nonprofit veterinary clinic, provides pet owners with the medical care they need. Nobody refuses because they cannot pay.

Leah Walker is grateful to the clinic. She says the pandemic is putting a strain on finances, like many.

“After COVID it became very difficult financially and some traditional vets were very expensive. So we decided to look for a non-profit organization. We want to help a non-profit organization. “If someone wants to give back through a nonprofit, I think it’s important to try to help them, so I found a free vet,” said Walker.

“Our mission is to raise funds for owners to pay for unexpected medical expenses for sick and injured animals,” said Sam Bernardo, president of Free Animal Doctor.

Clinic staff say the 43 foot long donated bus is old. I needed a place where I could park forever.

“One of the reasons for permanent parking is that we can join city services that are far more reliable than the generators 20 years ago,” says Bernardo.

The Santa Anita Park racecourse in the San Gabriel Valley offers the clinic a free home.

“We were recently hit by this fire called the Bobcat Fire. We acted as a shelter during the pandemic and installed a food campaign so that we are always in the community. I’m looking for a way to help, ”said Santa Dan Sirimele. Anita Park. “When Sam came to us with the opportunity, there was a lot of land here, as you can see, it’s an open space. He can park the bus and we are his. We can provide utilities for this. ”

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All Good News: Nonprofit Veterinary Clinic Free Animal Doctor Provides Much-Needed Medical Services to Pet Owners Source link All Good News: Nonprofit Veterinary Clinic Free Animal Doctor provides much-needed medical services to pet owners