AI-Based Wearable Monitors Dog’s Heath, Well-Being, Whereabouts


  • Invoxia released Pet Tracker in 2018 to help locate dogs in real time
  • The company will launch a new canine health monitoring product
  • The Invoxia BioMetric Smart Dog Collar will hit the market in summer 2022

As people use innovative technology to monitor their activities, dog owners are now turning to smarter wearable technology to track the health, wellbeing and whereabouts of their furbabies. While there are many apps out there that can help track the location of dogs and monitor their health, we rarely see an app that does both. Interestingly, French consumer electronics company Invoxia is set to launch a new product called BioMetric Smart Dog Collar that promises to give your beloved dogs the best of both worlds and more.

Revolutionary smart wearable

The Invoxia BioMetric Smart Dog Collar is the first in the smart wearable pet market to use Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is equipped with precise accelerometers and state-of-the-art miniaturized radar sensors with embedded Depp Neural Network functions.

These pioneering technologies enable the Invoxia BioMetric Smart Dog Collar to monitor vital signs and the entire respiratory system of the canines while seamlessly measuring the heart rate. With the help of its sensors, health monitoring is carried out in a non-invasive way, which would otherwise be impossible without the use of electrodes.

Invoxia Smart dog collar Invoxia Smart Dog Collar tracks pet whereabouts and heart health Photo: Invoxia Official Website

The heart tracking feature of the Invoxia BioMetric Smart Dog Collar was inspired by the report from the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) Specialty of Cardiology. The team also took advice from Romain Pariaut DVM, DACVIM, DECVIM-CA of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University and an expert in veterinary medicine, for the basic care of dogs with heart problems.

App health dashboard Invoxia BioMetric Smart Dog Collar Photo: Invoxia Official Website

The product’s extensive AI capabilities decode the signs that the smart collar monitors while analyzing and evaluating abnormalities, in order to identify problems or illnesses early on, long before signs or symptoms of concern appear.

Real-time tracking

The Invoxia BioMetric Smart Dog Collar contains Bluetooth, GPS, Wifi and LTE-M for stable and reliable connectivity. These technologies ensure that the Smart Dog Wearable tracks the dog in real time and helps dog owners locate them before they run away.

Invoxia Smart dog collar Invoxia Smart Dog Collar tracks pet whereabouts and heart health Photo: Invoxia Official Website

To further improve the tracking ability of the smart wearable, Invoxia used the data from the original Pet Tracker, which was released in 2018. As a leader in GPS tracking across Western Europe, the company leveraged its deep understanding of tracking technology to give fur mothers and fathers the peace of mind they deserve.

Smart design

Invoxia was developed together with veterinary experts and developed the BioMetric Smart Dog Collar with the furbabies in mind. Its stylish and comfortable, yet versatile design ensures that the sensor is placed in an ideal and practical place to get reliable and accurate readings without compromising the comfort of the dog.

Invoxia’s latest Smart Dog Collar has a removable and washable fabric cover that makes it easy for pet owners.

Value-added functions

The Invoxia BioMetric Smart Dog Collar can monitor a dog’s daily activities and distinguish these active actions from rest periods. The latest product has a feature called Escape Alerts that is particularly useful for dogs at high risk of escaping.

It also has a built-in buzzer that detects the dog collar wearer if they’re nearby, hiding under a car, or trapped somewhere. The company plans to officially launch the product sometime in the summer of 2022, at a retail price of $ 99 and an estimated monthly subscription cost of $ 12.99.

Final verdict

The Invoxia BioMetric Smart Dog Collar is the latest offering from the same Smart Dog Collar manufacturers that has won multiple CES Innovation Awards in Wearable Technologies and Health and Witness. The product has multiple functions that keep track of the dog’s health and location in real time and keep dog owners happy.

It uses innovative technology to ensure that the dog’s activities are receiving accurate readings. In addition, it is designed to provide comfort to the wearer without sacrificing accuracy. The above features make the Invoxia BioMetric Smart Dog Collar perfect for our Best of CES 2022 Award.

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