After his proprietor handed away, this cat needed to have each eyes eliminated resulting from well being points; now he’s up for adoption by way of Animal Rescue League of Boston

John, a 9 year old cat, is looking for a home forever after a difficult start to his year.

In April, the cat got into the Boston Animal Rescue League after its owner passed away, ARL said. It was at this point that the organization noticed that he appeared to be in great physical pain.

“He was very nervous that his head was touched and would loudly express his discomfort,” ARL said in a blog post. “He also showed signs of visual impairment.”

They discovered that he had a ventral eyelid tropion, which is often genetic and causes the eyelids to curl inward. It’s uncomfortable and painful, ARL said, adding that it can affect eyesight over time.

To improve his quality of life, they removed both eyes.

“Although John is still adjusting after the procedure, he’s more comfortable, no longer howling in pain, and accepts more pets from ARL staff and volunteers,” said ARL.

Now the organization is looking for the best home for John, sometimes known by his full name, Johnathan.

They said it would be best if he were the only pet in “a quiet, low-traffic house.”

“It will take him some time to learn to navigate without sight. However, with the help of his new family, he will adapt and settle in over time,” the organization said. “He loves his chubby cheeks that are scratched and really just wants to be loved.”

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