Affection from a dog can reduce pain and bring benefits to our health

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We all know that dogs are great companions, and while there are a lot of benefits our furry friends bring into our lives, a new study shows that dogs bring more than just happiness, as their affection is also beneficial for our health.

The research showed the positive effects of having a dog’s love, after studying pain levels in more than 200 emergency room patients, rating their pain before and after spending time with a therapy dog.

The patients who spent time with the dog experienced less pain during their hospital visit, concluding that service dogs can provide substantial aid and can even help them feel more comfortable in these situations.


“The presence of a therapy dog ​​not only has the benefits of supporting the patient’s experience, but I think it also serves as a comfort to the care providers,” nurse practitioner, Mike Macfadden, explained to CNN.

Experts say that having the support of a pet is also important at home, as they can bring mental health benefits to their owners, dealing with anxiety, depression and pain.

“The things that you can gain from pets and some of the positive emotions that could be elicited from having the pet around you I think could have an impact on the pain experience itself,” Michelle Gagnon, assistant professor of psychology and health studies at the University of Saskatchewan revealed.

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