Adventurous Bristol cat travels all the way to the Cotswolds – by herself

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Meet the daring kitten who made a name for themselves by traveling just about anywhere and everywhere – including the Cotswolds.

The four-year-old Flora who lives in Lyde Green, near Emersons Green, has quickly become a local celebrity.

The cheeky kitten is known for jumping in trucks and halfway around Bristol, but also for being a helpful hand (or should we say paw) at the local Sainsbury’s self-service checkouts. She was even seen trying to scratch herself into large bags of cat food in the store. Naughty flora.

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However, it turns out that ‘Checkout Assistant’ is not her full time job as she is also a great hostess; most recently, she greeted gym users at David Lloyd’s reception in Emerson’s Green.

Yoga and Pilates teacher Pru ​​Comben said, “I asked Flora if she had a cat stretch in mine. would demonstrate
Yoga / Pilates Fusion class but she preferred to greet David Lloyd members and have her head patted at the front desk. “

She loves to explore – hence the name – the furthest way she ended up in a village in the Cotswolds, a mammoth 24 miles from home. We don’t know how she did it, she needs a passport next!

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Speaking of home, Flora doesn’t go home that often, she enjoys jumping through the windows of people’s homes, taking a nap, and then moving on to the next friendly host – or victim.

She even has her own Facebook group, Flora the Explorer of Lyde Green.

Homes aren’t always the place to be though, it turns out she spent a few different nights in the Premier Inn lobby attached to the Beefeater Pub off the A4174 ring road.

Cheeky cat ‘Flora the Explorer’ looks into someone’s closet after being broken into

And the list of eventful visits is far from over – she spent days at the DPD parcel center and, of course, Flora is also very important to education, as she spent many days in the science park. This has now led to the fact that they put up a sign saying “Please do not let the cat in”. Poor Flora, she loves science, but the feeling is not mutual.

Flora isn’t homeless, however, far from it, as she has a very loving human mother named Ella Thatcher who absolutely loves her mischievous kitten.

Ella said, “She was seen in the clothing section of the great Sainsbury’s in Emersons Green. She was found in Boots, Argos and also in the offices of Pets at Home and Persimmon Homes! She loves napping in the trolleys at Sainsbury’s and she also loves napping in the vans. ”

Strolling around in the clothing department? Well, you have to look fashionable for your fans if you are as famous as Flora.

But not only flora likes to explore; Ella has made some strange journeys herself to meet Flora from near and far.

“I’ve had to pick them up from Bradley Stoke, Whitchurch, Patchway, Brislington and Hengrove on a number of occasions,” she said. “I’m very unsure how she ended up there. She got the furthest with Dursley – and I can only assume that she went with a truck! “

'Flora the Explorer' cat takes a nap in a trolley outside Sainsburys in Emersons Green, Bristol.

‘Flora the Explorer’ cat takes a nap in a trolley outside Sainsburys in Emersons Green, Bristol.

“Sometimes people get frustrated as she is very stubborn and will keep jumping through windows / running through open doors even after being kicked out. At some point she will give up and move on to her next victim. “

Flora is hardly at home at the moment. Ella will pick her up if she’s a nuisance, and she could stay with her mother for a day or so – before she goes back on her way.

Ella explained, “She’s not lost, she’s actually been staying pretty close to home lately (without coming home) – so she is very aware that she has a loving home that feeds and takes care of her . But she doesn’t want an owner! The people at Lyde Green are very, very good to Flora and we really appreciate everything they do for us. If we had to keep or collect them on every adventure, our life would be very different! “

The vets agree that it is best for Flora to let her live her best life and Ella to take on the role of her financial / medical guardian. As long as she had her vaccinations, was deflead / dewormed, and had an annual health check-up, Ella should just let her live.

Flora had the last check-up a few weeks ago and she is very healthy and very happy. And the very helpful staff at Lyde Green Community Center kept an eye on their movements that day so Ella could collect them for her annual check.

Have you ever heard the saying that cats are not pets, we are pets to them !? This can be the case in real life. Maybe Flora rules the sleeping place and she only comes by every now and then to check on her human child to make sure she is okay.

A sign that says

A sign saying “Don’t let the cat in” in the Bristol and Bath Science Park – Flora the Explorer?

About Flora’s past Ella said: “Her mother is a Bengal and her father is a Ragdoll. She was always very, very friendly, cuddly, interested, great with my little boys, who are now almost three and almost six.

“We got them almost four years ago in October and let them out for the first time the following summer.

“I was pregnant with my second little boy at the time and spent almost every evening that summer – without realizing that this was just her personality – looking for her, collecting her, answering calls and messages, where she would end up .

“People thought she was lost or hungry because she is very noisy. She meows a lot until she gets attention – but that’s just her, she was always like that at home too.

“We got a lot of calls that she wouldn’t leave other people’s houses, got in through windows, stole her roast, slept on her beds … you know, she just chose to be up there!”


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