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ARCADE – Stacy Gertis grew up in the rural farming town of Pawley, Virginia and was no stranger to animals.

Her grandfather who was an influential figure in her life and had a strong love for all animals. He raised farm animals such as cows, horses, chickens, cats and dogs.

“I remember when I was little I helped feed the calves,” said Gertis. “I saw calves being born right next to our house, and I helped tend the cows by carrying a bucket of grain across the pasture.

“In my mother’s house we had baby ducks, a lamb named Buster, and he lived in the house with us – kittens, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, even an iguana,” she continued. “You name it, we had it, so I had a lot of contact with all kinds of animals from an early age.”

Gertis called Vermont home until she moved to New York. She lives in Arcade with her two daughters Adaline and Avery.

She graduated from Castletown University with a BA in Graphic Design in 2010 and works as a digital marketing coordinator for GenTech Scientific LLC in the village.

During the nationwide COVID-19 shutdown last year, Gertis took the opportunity to use her free time to write a children’s book.

How Abby Found Her Home allows readers to enjoy the story of how Abby, an adopted kitten, found her way into the Gertis family home to stay forever.

“We adopted our kitten Abby in May 2020,” said Gertis. “She was sick and needed a home. Our family could make that possible for her. Adaline and Avery fell in love with her and seeing them interact with our newest family member inspired me to create something they could have forever. “

As the book’s author and illustrator, Gertis found that she has no writing experience, but she loves to read.

“This book was a project I wanted to create for my two girls as something they would always have,” she said. “The COVID shutdown was the perfect opportunity for me to get started and, given the free time, I was able to produce the book relatively quickly,” says Gertis.

With the intent to share her family’s love for animals with readers, Gertis hopes her audience will understand the commitment of caring for an animal.

“Believe me when I say, ‘Taking on a pet can be a huge responsibility and shouldn’t be taken lightly.’ I never thought that we would take Abby in, but now I can’t imagine our little family without her, ”said Gertis.

When Abby was found she was malnourished, very dehydrated, and had an eye infection.

“We had to take care of her and feed her several times a day with a pipette,” said Gertis. “Now she is happy and healthy.”

While Gertis has no firm plans to write a sequel, she hasn’t ruled out the possibilities. She likes to share her passion with others.

“Art is my real passion,” she says. “I’ve always enjoyed creating as both a visual artist and a graphic designer. Illustrating is new to me, but something that I have come to love. “

How Abby Found Her Home can be purchased directly from Dorrance Publishing Inc. from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

“… I want to thank my girls for being my inspiration, and I hope they will cherish this book forever,” said Gertis, who plans to hold a book signing in the near future.

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