Adopt One — Or Even Two — Pet Cats on Long Island

This week’s line-up is filled with double adoption requests. While this may sound like a big question, adopting a bonded couple is just as easy (if not easier) than adopting a lone pet. Tied animals tend to thrive on one another, and best of all, adopting two saves four; You save the ones you adopt while you make room for two more at the shelter / rescue. So don’t wait, adopt your perfect couple today!

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America


** Senior Alert ** When 16-year-old Courage (adoption # R106903) lost the only home he had ever known, what he had lost and where he would go next was stolen from him. The Animal League America family hugged this gentle soul with assurances that she would be safe and loved as we searched for a fresh start. Her vets did a thorough health check that revealed chronic kidney disease and irritable bowel disease. So a plan was put in place to maximize his health while minimizing the costs (through NSALA Pet Health Centers) for his new family. Despite the shock of losing everything he knew and loved, Courage has proven quite brave as he faced a whole new life, and the NSALA is here to support him until his eternal family takes their place. Having lived his entire life as the only pet, they provided him with a quiet space for himself that healed his broken heart. He’s ready to share it all again with someone as special as you!

William and Stan

** Double Adoption ** Behind every shy kitten there is a best friend who encourages them to join in. This is exactly what you will find when you meet Stan (adoption # FTF07) and William (adoption # FTF06). These 1 ½ year old pals were discovered on site by a Good Samaritan who knew Animal League America would lead them to a much safer life than the one they had left behind. After spending time together in a sunny, quiet room, William turned out to be an open-minded companion full of love and gratitude for the improvement in their living conditions. Although Stan is much more shy than William, he has learned so much from observing relationships with people and is ready to try us too! A home with experienced adults and older children will ensure a very happy future for two very deserving boys.

Little boy

** Senior Alert ** Even though Little Boy (adoption # H210438) is not that small, he still needs some maintenance. He recently arrived with his feline siblings when they lost their lifelong home to the death of their loved one. NSALA has provided them all with a get-together room with comfortable beds and a sunny window that Little Boy especially loves. He is the only FIV + member of his family and lives harmoniously with the others. Offer to brush it and you will add a whole new dimension to your relationship! Little Boy is looking for a home (with kids ages eight and up) and a confident roommate to help him get back to home as a bonus! If you’ve had cats before, you know that a peaceful, predictable place for this 12 year old is all he needs to complete his trip!

Mark Sloan and Derek Shepard

** Double Adoption ** One year old Mark Sloan (Adoption # H210461) and Derek Shepherd (Adoption # H210462) are a shy couple of related brothers willing to support each other in all the changes life has before them as well how you have lived side by side the tough times of life on the local streets. Now safely at Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center, you’ll find that Mark wants to be the center of attention while Derek is content to be his wingman. A quiet home with children aged ten and over and experienced adults will have them jumping through your living room in no time.

Honshu and Hokkaido

** Double Adoption ** Three-month-old Honshu (Adoption # H211098) and Hokkaido (Adoption # H211099) forged a close bond while struggling to survive alone in the great outdoors this summer. Now, safely snuggled together in a comfortable bed, they lean against each other to understand this new life brought to them in the safety of Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. Although their experience with people has been limited, they quickly learn how nice it is to have meals served in a warm bed. When you have a peaceful home with children over the age of ten who can help them settle into their new life, they will finally know a safe home!


If you are looking for an inspiring companion, you have come to the right place at Lenape (Adoption # BF3872)! This 5 year old black beauty is more than just a pretty face; he is a real survivor! Despite his humble beginnings on Long Island, he uses this moment to cast a spell over everyone he meets and let them know how lucky he is to be treated by the love and warmth of his Animal League America family. Wait until he finds out that the best is still to come when he is welcomed and welcomed into his first real home by a very happy family of his own. You’ll be glad you have someone who wants to thank you even more!

Sam and Dean

** Double Adoption ** After Sam (Adoption # BF3880) and Dean (Adoption # BF3881) were picked up by a local boy and taken to safety, they vowed to remain loyal to each other no matter what. These seven-month-old beasts fail to understand that the past is far behind them and that the future holds the key to their happiness – to be discovered by their real family. Would you like to have a lifetime of memories with two cute guys? All you need is a quiet home, a gentle hand to gently rub your ears, and you’ll be the newest member of these friendship clowers!

You can visit one of these adorable adopted children at Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center or contact to learn more about the adoption process today!

Available for adoption at the Smithtown City Animal Shelter

Oreo, Neo and Misty

These three are a number of siblings who are all 1 ½ year old Domestic Shorthair Mixes. Neo (gray mackerel) is male, while Oreo (black and white) and Misty (gray and white) are female. Unfortunately, they lost their home when their owner had to move. Staff and volunteers would love to see these mushes adopted together, but they are not siblings and can be adopted separately. The trio can be shy at first, but with time and patience they will come out of their shells and let their personality shine. Oreo, Neo, and Misty would do fine in a quiet setting and could live in a house with other cats.

If you are interested in meeting these cuties please call 631-360-7575.

Available for adoption by Alleykatz

salt and pepper

** Double Adoption ** Salt (female) and pepper (male) go hand in hand, just like their spicy counterparts. These 5 month old bonded siblings get on well with other kittens and cats, but not so much with dogs. You are looking for a home with children aged 10 and over.


** Double adoption ** Mom and Kiwi territory actually mom and daughter! Momma is a young mother who is just one year old and Kiwi is only 4 months old. These two always play and would be happy to have a family without children or dogs in the house.


Four month old kitten Ghost is still trying to find his way through life and we give him credit, at just 4 months old he hasn’t had much time to figure things out. Ghost needs a patient adoptant to help him get out of his shell.

Sandy and Sally

** Double adoption ** Sandy and Sally are all the rage! These cute 7 month old sisters love humans and other cats. You are looking for a home without dogs and older children.


Munson is a 5-6 month old kitten who is rather soft and extremely cute. He loves to sleep with himself and would thrive with another gentle kitten his age or as a lone cat. If you are looking for a cuddly toy, Munson is your man.

For more information on how to bring home one of these adorable adoptive children, please contact Alleykatz at

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop … pass on!

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