Adopt One of These Adorable Pet Cats on Long Island

We’re not a kitten this week With so many adorable kittens available for adoption, making your new best friend is now easier than ever, so go to your local animal shelter / rescue and get a cat on Long Island this weekend!

Available for adoption at the Smithtown City Animal Shelter


Chips, also affectionately known as One-Eyed Jack, is a one and a half year old male domestic shorthair mix. It’s hard to find a cat who is more open-minded, loving, and kind than Chips! Chips had severe breathing problems as a kitten, which resulted in him losing one eye and having significant scars in the other. He is likely to continue to suffer from chronic respiratory problems and a potential home needs care to help manage it. This little guy doesn’t let his health problems get in the way and remains a bright light despite all the adversities. Chips came from a household where he lived with children and other pets, so it fits perfectly in any home!

For more information on accepting chips, please call 631-360-7575 today for more information!

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America

** Reminder ** North Shore Animal League America is waiving all cat (for cats and kittens) adoption fees for approved adopters until the end of the month.

Mr. Goodbar

When Mr. Goodbar (Adoption # NCR6156) arrived at Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center, he wanted to make it clear that people are his top priority! This year old Southern stunner just can’t get enough attention from visitors and is first in line for treats and ear rubbing. You could complete his life by giving him the chance to be adored by your family on request and with his super cute pursonality you will find that he is a treat that is hard to resist!

My hamm

Four-year-old Mia Hamm (adoption # LA0909) is a champion in the heart thief! This Louisiana Rescue plays offensively as they greet their fans with an open heart, ready for great adventures with a new team. Do you want to share the glory of scoring a winning goal for your family? Recruit Mia Hamm as your teammate and celebrate a life full of victories together!

by Melo

Seven year old Di Melo (adoption # BF3681) recently lost his home and is looking for a committed family. This wonderful tabby was brought to safety by rescuers a few months ago, but he will never admit that he has had a moment of desperation in his life. He’s a day-brightener! Although his time on the street left him FIV +, he enjoys a peaceful room at Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center with equally peaceful roommates. Any family would be lucky to have it; Just offer him an ear massage and you will see why we think he is a fabulous choice for your home!

Bert and Ernie

** Double adoption ** The besties Bert (Adoption # BF3605) and Ernie (Adoption # BF3606) have made a fork in the road. These super-bonded one-year-old brothers recently lost their first home, but as long as they have each other they are prepared for whatever the future holds in store. A little bit of cat experience, a little bit of patience, and an open heart to new beginnings are all it takes Bert and Ernie to believe you could be the last hero in their rescue story. Bert has already put aside his fear and also shows his shy brother how to be brave. You’ll find the duo enjoying a window nap when you’re not exploring their sunny room at Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. A family with kids ages six and up will appreciate how special it can be to be loved by these two characters!


** Senior Alert ** Are you looking for a friendly lady who feels at home in your heart? We have the cat for you. When her owner needed a safe landing spot for Carnita (adoption # BF3796), Animal League America greeted her with the promise of a happy new beginning on the horizon. The sensational ten-year-old keeps up with the funny boys in her room and loves to admire playgroups from above on her high seat. Her favorite pastime is getting friends rub her ears for a treat. NSALA assures Carnita that once she is discovered by her next of kin and given the sunny, peaceful retirement she deserves, her future will be even better. NSALA vets have determined that Carnita has an overactive thyroid, but they have a treatment plan that is covered by their animal health centers so nothing can stop you from bringing Carnita home today!


When we say there is something very special about Harper (adoption # NCI2216), we mean more than just the extra toes on her paws! This cute, polydactyl two-year-old is delightful when she’s exploring her new surroundings, but her greatest quality is her ability to be quick to make friends with any purr she meets. While she’s not a fan of other pets, she’s a great mood lift for us humans, especially those who give her some rest. Families with children (ages six and up) will love their oversized paws and subtle personality. Do you want to make Harper your biggest fan? Offer her treats and she will offer you her heart; She will be taking this ride home with you in no time!


Ally (adoption # BF2504) recently lost her home and came back to NSALA for help finding a new one. Ally falls in love with new friends easily and can be cuddled at hello. This two year old has an open mind and heart to whatever awaits her, and we promise that the best comes to her. Hurry. You won’t want to miss out on the chance to be the object of Ally’s affection!

Contact to learn more about adopting the adorable NSALA adoptive items!

Available for adoption at All About Spay Neuter

Bell jar

Sweet Bell is one of many kittens available for adoption at All About Spay Neuter. All of their kittens and cats are spayed / neutered, tested for feline leukemia, tested for AIDS, dewormed, vaccinated and microchipped. If you are interested in meeting Bell or any of our other kitties, please send a message to Aicia at 516-984-4525.

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop … pass on!

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