Adopt A Cat This Weekend For Only $5 At Tri County Humane Society

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There is nothing better for stress relief than having a loving pet who will make you laugh, help you sleep, and piss your head off because they adore you. My cats, Mr. Bean and Pneuma, pictured above, were both adopted by the Tri County Humane Society and now is the absolute best time to get your own cat as TCHS is running its Five Dollar Feline promotion.

For just $ 5, you can choose any cat 6 months and older and take them home with you for just $ 5. That means you have a cat who has had all of the vaccinations, has been spayed or neutered, and is healthy and ready to go home with you.


First, go to and look at all of the cats that are up for adoption. There are pictures of every single cat they have, as well as biographies of the cat’s personality, age, and type. Find a few cats who touch your heart, then call TCHS at 320.252.0896 to schedule an appointment. Once your appointment has been made, the process is pretty quick. You have your very own schedule to meet the cats you choose and decide which ones to take home.

I always recommend bringing your cat carrier with you on your appointed appointment, but if you don’t own a cat carrier, you can get all the cat items you need from TCHS. They have a great retail revisited store right on site that sells cat litter, food, cat carrier bags, cat toys and more.


If you didn’t know, black cats are often overlooked when people are looking for a new pet. Maybe it’s because they aren’t that colorful or don’t stand out when you look at the wide variety. So remember to pay special attention to the lovely black cats that they may have.

Save money, save a life, and add joy to your household with a cute, furry new family member.

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