Abandoned Dog is Too Scared to Walk in His Rescuer’s House

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Throughout Texas, many dogs are forced to live on the streets, and strays that do get picked up are often euthanized.

The future of four dogs dumped in a parking lot in Houston would’ve been grim, but Sam with Street Life to the Sweet Life heard about them and rushed to help.


With temperatures dipping, she knew she needed to get the dogs to shelter before they fell victim to the elements. While some of the dogs were hungry enough to enter the trap she set, one of the dogs ran away.

Thankfully, Sam was able to catch the last dog, Boomer, in a trap the following day. He was so afraid of humans and so cautious, Sam decided to foster him for herself. When they got home, it should’ve been a joyous occasion, but Boomer refused to come into the house.

“It was like there was a forcefield right at the door, like he had been conditioned to just never come inside the house,” Sam said.

With a lot of love and patience, Sam was able to get Boomer into the house and begin to win over his trust.


Within a few days, Boomer was beginning to open up and show bits of his loving personality. He was so affectionate under all of the fear!

Eventually, he was ready for his forever home and he found two new parents to call his own: Caitlin and Mike.

Watch the video below, courtesy of The Dodo:

Read more about how rescues like the Arizona Animal Shelter, Clewiston Animal Service Rescueand Animal Aid Unlimited are making a difference for dogs in need. People around the world, including in Afghanistan, Kabuland south korea among other countries, are speaking up for animals in need and being the voice for the voiceless.

To reduce the number of suffering dogs on the streets and dogs who are euthanizedit’s important to adopt instead of shop for a dog. Familiarize yourself with tips for adopting so you’re well prepared and read about five things you can do to help stop puppy mills.

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