A tip of the hat to veterinary graduates and students

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This time of year marks a milestone for thousands of veterinary students: It’s commencement season, and our future veterinarians will be celebrating a major life achievement.

The AVMA celebrates right along with our future colleagues. We are energized by their passion. We are inspired by their commitment. We are excited about all the great things these rising stars of our profession have done and will do to help advance veterinary medicine and the care and welfare of animals.

The students are focused on the good things they can do in support of each other and to make the profession even stronger.

In a world that has presented its share of challenges and uncertainty of late, we can confidently say that the future of our profession is in good hands.

Seeing student achievement first-hand

In my role as AVMA president, I see this first-hand through multiple events. Later this month, I will have the opportunity to relive the excitement of graduation when I deliver the commencement address at the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine – and I’m honored to play a part in what is a truly significant milestone for these new veterinarians .

In March, I had the privilege of attending the Student AVMA Symposium, where I was once again impressed with the students I met. I felt their passion for organized veterinary medicine and clearly saw their dedication to the animals and people we serve.

Thanks and congratulations

Thank you to the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine for hosting this year’s symposium, and I extend a special note of appreciation to the symposium planning committee for organizing what was a memorable weekend for all.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to commend SAVMA’s 2021-22 president, Hidayah Martinez-Jaka, for her outstanding leadership and thank her for her dedicated service. It is clear that Hidayah is destined for great things. Congratulations to 2022-23 SAVMA President Zach Tooley – I look forward to seeing the impact he will make in the year ahead. Additionally, I want to extend my appreciation to the SAVMA Executive Board, House of Delegates, and chapter presidents.

Veterinary students: Driving progress and a greater good

While the SAVMA Symposium brought together veterinary students with a desire to enhance their individual skills and knowledge, it was especially gratifying to see and experience the camaraderie and strength of the group. The students are focused on the good things they can do in support of each other and to make the profession even stronger.

Our profession is full of opportunities and boundless rewards, and I am convinced that our future is very bright indeed.