A New Children’s Picture Book That Teaches Children About Diversity and Opportunity in Veterinary Medicine

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New York, New York – (Newsfile Corp. – December 9, 2021) – Dr. Cherice Roth, veterinarian and children’s book author, recently published the second part of her heartwarming Real Doctor series “What Does a Real Doctor Look Like?”

Book cover of ‘What Does a Real Doctor Look Like?’

In What is a Real Doctor ?, readers learned that veterinarians are doctors too. In What Does a Real Doctor Look Like? lets Kylee and Kaylon kids discover that doctors can look like anyone – even them! Dr. Roth’s latest work examines the intersection between identity and medicine by confirming that doctors can be of any ethnicity, race, gender, or ability. Along the way, Kylee and Kaylon discover pleasant surprises about the world around them and where their passions can lead them in life.

What does a real doctor look like? unpacks the harmful stereotypes that only children with certain backgrounds can enter STEM fields. Since medicine of all kinds is still predominantly white, Dr. Roth’s latest picture book gives young readers the opportunity to see themselves represented in these spheres. For marginalized children, the Real Doctor range is a window into a better, more inclusive future with equal opportunities for all.

Reviewers Praise What’s a Real Doctor? and describe it as an “educational and entertaining” story. With vivid illustrations and exciting storylines, Dr. Roth’s books excel in diversity and encourage children to think deeply about their future careers. From K-12 teachers to STEM project leaders, the Real Doctor series is an essential addition to any library.

As a black doctor who did not see anyone who looked like her in a medical field until she was 10, Dr. Roth, that so many marginalized children believe that the future in STEM is simply meant for someone else. What does a real doctor look like? send a clear message to these children. In the words of Dr. Roth himself: “You look like us.”

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What does a real doctor look like? is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Signed copies of What Does a Real Doctor Look Like? are also on the website of Dr. Roth available: https://the-real-doctor-store.myshopify.com/collections/books/products/preorder-what-does-a-real-doctor-look-like-with-author signature

Dr. Cherice Roth is currently the Chief Veterinary Officer of Fuzzy Pet Health and graduated from the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine. Visit her on Twitter @chericeroth. She has traveled all over the world to deepen her knowledge of exotic species and to expand her understanding of surgical techniques. In addition to her current position, she also holds a variety of functions in her area, such as Medical Operations Support Manager. Dr. Roth lives and writes in Oregon with her husband, sons, and too many animals to count.

Author picture: Dr. Cherice Roth

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