‘A Dog’s Journey’ Actress Kathryn Prescott Shares Health Update After Being Hit by Truck in New York

Four months after Finding Carter star Kathryn Prescott was hit by a concrete mixer in New York City, she shares an update on her health and thanks those who supported her in her recovery.

In an Instagram post, the A Dog’s Journey actress – who was met in Brooklyn on Sept. 7 and admitted to the ICU after sustaining injuries to her legs, arms, head and more – praised “all my amazing nurses, doctors , physical/occupational therapists and surgeons at NYP and Mount Sinai.”

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In her lengthy post, she also took a moment to recognize her family, friends, hospital roommate and sister Megan Prescott, who first shared the news of her accident and the complex surgery that followed on her own Instagram post. At the time, Megan wrote that Kathryn “nearly avoided paralysis,” before sharing that doctors were “hopeful” the Finding Carter actress would make a full recovery.

“Thank you to my sister for moving heaven and earth to reach me during a global pandemic and travel ban,” the Skins star wrote in the caption of the social media post. “Thank you to all my friends for being there without hesitation and sending their mothers, friends and sisters when they couldn’t. Thanks to my roommate at the hospital for being who she is and making me laugh even when there wasn’t much to laugh about. Thank you to everyone who reached out and helped where they could. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

In her first public statement since the accident, Kathryn also shared the story of a woman who was there when emergency workers took her to the hospital. The actress said the woman provided her with a rock that has become a metaphorical source of support.

The story goes on

“An anonymous woman whose face I have never seen pressed this stone into my hand as I was being lifted onto a stretcher,” she wrote in the caption of her Instagram post, which includes a picture of the stone. “She whispered in my ear that it was good luck. When I finally got to the operating room and was being prepared for my first surgery, one of the assistants asked me what was in my fist. I realized I had been holding on to it ever since without realizing it.”

She added, “Thank you to that woman.”

Back in September, Megan Prescott revealed that part of her reason for going public about what happened to Kathryn was to get help traveling to the United States, a complicated effort at the time, but COVID-19 -Travel Restrictions.

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