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The Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA) recently announced that it will serve on the newly formed Commission for a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Veterinary Profession. This commission was organized by both the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC). Other participants are leading veterinary organizations dedicated to promoting social justice, diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI).

Dedicated to promoting veterinary management professionals through training, certification, resources and networking, VHMA took this unique opportunity to diversify and expand the veterinary medicine experience. Over time, this will help create a more diverse customer base, thereby improving the health and wellbeing of all patients, according to a VHMA press release.

With the core mission of promoting change, the Commission has set out results for short, medium and long term periods. Their plans are as follows:

  • Increase DEI’s role in the veterinary industry.
  • Increase diversity among veterinarians, university applicants, enrolled students, interns, residents and medical specialists.
  • Assisting and assisting veterinary associations and animal health companies in measuring and improving the DEI.

“VHMA is an association that strives to welcome and respond to the needs and concerns of our members, the industry and society,” says VHMA Managing Director Christine Shupe in the press release. “Working on this commission is a great opportunity to dive into a long overdue conversation that drives change and encourages action. VHMA is honored to play a role. “