9 Cat Toys Your Kitten Will Go Mad For

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Since they are naturally more aloof than dogs, figuring out how to keep your cat entertained can be difficult.

Toys are plentiful, from interactive, stimulating devices to learning-oriented toys.

But which ones does your cat really take?

Newsweek has selected the best nine owner-approved toys on the market that your cat will love.

The best cat toy your kitten will love

1. Catit 43750 Play Treat Spinner Interactive cat toy

The Catit 43750 Play Treat Spinner Interactive Cat Toy is ideal for cats who are motivated by food

For cats who are motivated by food, this is the perfect toy to keep them entertained while making sure they aren’t overeating.

All you have to do is pop in their favorite goodies and watch them get them out.

Price: $ 15.91

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2. BurgeonNest Automated Cat Toy

BurgeonNest Automated Cat Toy
The BurgeonNest automated cat toy has two speeds for lazy or more energetic cats

If your cat has stamina that you can’t keep up with while playing, this robotic toy should keep it occupied.

Instead of the traditional feathers on a stick, this robot can provide your cat with stimulating and interactive play as it rolls around on the floor.

It even has two speeds to cater to lazier or more energetic cats.

Price: $ 28.99

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3. Premier Pet Automatic Multi-Laser Cat Toy

Premier Pet Automatic Multi-Laser Cat Toy
Premier Pet’s automatic multi-laser cat toy will automatically turn off after 15 minutes to prevent your cat from getting too tired

If you’re looking for a toy with more mental stimulation, try this automatic laser robot that rotates and projects lasers to allow your cat to hunt at random intervals.

It will turn off automatically after 15 minutes so as not to tire your cat.

One buyer called it a “must-have”.

Price: $ 19.95

Buy from Walmart

4. Interactive floating fish toy

Interactive floating fish toy
The interactive swim fish toy encourages your cat’s hunting instincts

Inquisitive kittens can practice their natural hunting skills with this floating fish toy.

Put the fish in a bowl of water and watch them swim automatically and see if your cat tries to catch them.

Some cat owners even said their pets were so banned that they stopped fighting to play with the fish instead.

Price: $ 17.89

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5. SmartyKat Hot Pursuit cat toy with electronic movement

SmartyKat Hot Pursuit cat toy with electronic movement
The SmartyKat Hot Pursuit cat toy with electronic movement promotes your cat’s ability to spot hidden prey

Another toy that mimics hunting behavior will challenge your cat’s abilities by mimicking the erratic movement of hidden prey.

The moving lights have two speed controls so you can improve the playtime for your cat.

Price: $ 11.75

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6. Potaroma Electric Flopping Fish

Potaroma Electric Flopping Fish
The Potaroma Electric Flopping Fish comes with a bag for catnip to delight your cat even more.

Not only does this toy flutter around like a real fish, it also has a pouch for catnip to add even more excitement to your cat.

“I finally found a toy my cat won’t get bored with in a day,” wrote one Amazon reviewer.

Price: $ 13.99

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7. Cat Dancer Original interactive cat toy

Cat Dancer Original Interactive Cat Toy
The Cat Dancer Original Interactive Cat Toy may look simple, but it will keep your cat entertained for hours

While this toy may look simple, the Cat Dancer is sure to keep your cat entertained for hours.

Vets have praised its safe design, while one reviewer wrote, “Hands down the best cat toy ever. It’s always been around for a reason.”

Price: $ 2.94

Buy at Walmart

8. UPSKY cat toy scooter

    UPSKY cat toy scooter
The UPSKY cat toy roller provides your cat with mental stimulation

For more mental stimulation for your cat, try the UPSKY cat toy roller.

It has three levels of balls for your cat to play with and slide along.

Price: $ 10.88

Buy from Amazon

9. Catnip natural wood Polygonum chewing sticks

Catnip natural wood Polygonum chewing sticks
These Catnip Natural Wood Polygonum Chew Sticks have health benefits while also preventing your cat from chewing on things they shouldn’t be.

If you have a cat that you worry about chewing on things it shouldn’t be, try giving them those catnip chew sticks instead.

They can also be good for your kitten as wood polygonum can increase appetite, prevent diabetes, and help maintain healthy blood pressure in cats.

Price: $ 15.88

Buy from Walmart

A cat is playing with a toy outside
A cat is playing with a toy outside
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