9 Best Cat Toys 2021 — Best Cat Toys for Bored Cats


As much as you love your kitten, there are times when you need to do other things that don’t include cuddling and playing with them. But you don’t want to just let them hang down and get bored (because that could also ruin your beautiful furniture). Thankfully, there are a number of cat toys in the world that will keep your fur entertained, kept occupied, and most importantly, keep your precious housewares away. You always have to think about the bigger picture, amiright ??

So not only did I find some cute and interactive things to get you crazy about, but I also found the best cat toys that are guaranteed to be fun and aesthetically pleasing. I mean, if your cat has an Instagram … you’ll thank me later because you’re welcome for the pretty prop!

In this list are a mix of smol, great, and electronic toys that your kitten would love to play with for hours. Go ahead and buy this one Picks that will give your cat the time of their lives. Oh! And if you’re a new cat parent, I 10/10 recommend checking out some of the cat names and litter boxes – including self-cleaning options – that we recommend for them. Listen, Cosmo got it with all of your feline needs.

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This looks like a baguette

Baguette catnip


$ 13.49

It’s time you put more effort into getting your kittens, who are both fun and chic. They’ll have a blast with these cute catnip baguettes – and I can guarantee that if you see these BBs lying around your house, you won’t be frustrated.


this multifunctional tunnel

Foldable crinkle play tunnel

A toy that keeps you happy and can also be a little corner to hang out? Why not?! This aesthetically pleasing tunnel makes crackling noises every time your cat walks through and has a dangling ball that hangs on top for added fun!


this cute cat scratch pad

Double cat scratch

Look, it’s either your furniture or that cat scratch. It will keep them busy all the time and it’s really good for their nail health too, fun fact.


the one who will burn much of their energy

Cat toy with running mouse

Oh, this is sure to tire your cat! Put your furbaby on this thing and they will chase the toy mouse for hours. It has two different speed settings. So, if you want to test their agility (or let them burn off some of their high energy), you can maneuver them using this feature.


this funny one

Cat cactus tree

See: a scratching post wonderland. It even has a rustling ball that your kitten can jump on and play with while bouncing around.


this interactive option

Interactive cat toy butterfly

With nearly 5,000 rave reviews and a nearly five star rating, this electric butterfly toy will charm your BB.


this chic toy

Interactive cat toy Pushball

CatPlay furniture

$ 99.00

No, it’s not home decor … but it definitely looks like it! This marvel (which honestly might look like a bestseller in a homeware store) is an interactive pushball toy that only requires a few balls. If you put them in, your cat will notice them for a very long time.


this classic tower

Tower of the tracks

This classic tiered thang is only 11 buckeroos on the ‘Zon! If you’re in a hurry to get your cat a birthday present, or she just needs to stop getting your furniture, get her this affordable gem.


this affordable

Wobbly ball

It really doesn’t take much to keep cats happy, all of you! Costing literally less than five dollars, this little ball is bouncy, lightweight, and an Etsy best seller. A win for everyone !!

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