8 dog Advent calendar 2021 gifts for your pup this Christmas

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Preparing for the holidays is a family affair. And since our furry friends are just as much part of the family as everyone else, they too deserve to get in the holiday mood. With a dog advent calendar 2021, your puppy will count the days until Christmas right with you – or at least beg for his daily delicacy.

Here are eight of the most popular and unique advent calendars for pets in puppy-friendly designs featuring treats, toys, and more.

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1. This gourmet biscuit calendar for dogs

You will be amazed by the design, taste and attention.

Who stole the cookie from the advent calendar? Your dog! Each of the 25 slots contain a different gourmet handmade biscuit for your pup to enjoy, like peanut butter and pumpkin biscuits topped with grain-free tapioca and yogurt icing.

“[The cookies are] too cute to give the puppies to eat, “enthuses one person.” But I have them and they love them.

Get the Dantes Doggy Delights 2021 Gourmet Dog Treat Advent Calendar from Etsy for $ 42.23

2. This personalized advent calendar

A personalized advent calendar will help your pet feel like the star of the holiday season.

Make your dog an absolute king with an advent calendar with his name on it. Although they may not be able to read it, they may feel the thoughtfulness. The hanging calendar is made of felt material and has 25 hand-sewn pockets that you can fill with your dog’s favorite treats and toys.

“The quality of my Advent calendar was perfect,” writes one reviewer. “The details are incredible. That totally exceeded my expectations. “

Get the Bags for Learning Personalized Dog Advent Calendars from Etsy for $ 37.95

3. This calendar for puppy treats

Because every good dog deserves its own treat.

Treat your dog to their own tree, which comes with or without treats and in your choice of festive colors such as hunter green and snow white. The tree has 25 pockets to get your pup ready for the big day, and it’s made of a soft felt material that he may or may not want to snuggle up with. May we suggest putting the supplied bow around your dog’s neck for a chic outfit?

“It’s absolutely perfect!” Writes one person. “It’s so, so cute and beautifully decorated. I would definitely buy it again, I love it so much. “

Get the Handmade in Madison Puppy Treat Advent Calendar from Etsy starting at $ 19.95

4. This all-natural delicacy calendar

These fancy dried meat snacks will help get your pup in the holiday mood.

When you and your puppy are on a health boost, this Advent calendar filled with 25 natural goodies can get you started on New Year’s resolution a month earlier. Each treat consists of just two ingredients and is 95 percent meat such as duck fillet, chicken burger and turkey in the shape of little stars. Plus, you have to love the adorable festive animal graphics.

“My two grandparents love these calendar goodies and sit with them every morning,” writes one person. It was a favorite last year and a hit again this year! “

Get the 35 All Natural Treats Advent Calendar for Dogs from Walmart for $ 21.46

5. This dog toy calendar

This advent calendar is the most playful way to spend the Christmas season with your pet.

If your dog is on a special diet and can’t really play Russian roulette with advent calendar treats, he’ll be happy to have a new toy a day as well. The Wondershop Advent Calendar is stacked with 12 different Christmas toys, such as a spiked ring for soft chews, a tennis ball for a game of catch, knotted ropes for a competitive tug of war and plush toys that squeak to stimulate several senses.

“Our new puppy will love it for his first Christmas,” wrote one reviewer. “It is very sweet. I like that I can see the toys on one side and the numbered doors on the other. “

Get the Wondershop Holiday Advent Calendar Dog Toy Gift Set from Target for $ 30

6. This reusable advent calendar

A blank reusable Advent calendar is the way to go because you know your pup best.

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it – that is, if your dog loved it for a holiday season, keep the tradition alive for several holidays to come. This reusable advent calendar is a great way to limit your single-use plastic consumption while pampering your dog with food and toys that you know they already love. Each drawer measures one to an inch and contains 25 slots.

“Great product as expected,” writes one person. “[The calendar] is exactly as advertised and is great for those unwilling to risk the cheap goodies that come with some of the canine advent calendars out there. That way I can fill it with goodies that I know won’t make you sick. “

Get the Midlee Christmas Advent Treat Box from Amazon for $ 27

7. This gourmet biscuit calendar

You will jump for joy at the sight (and sound!) Of this box coming out of the pantry.

This individually illustrated box with a magnetic clasp is both a gift for your dog and a form of Christmas decoration and is a must have for the Christmas season. Each of the 25 slots is filled with a bone-shaped biscuit in one of three colors. All of the ingredients such as whole wheat flour, applesauce, honey, and coconut are human-grade and locally sourced, which means they are safe for human consumption, even though they will be best enjoyed by your pet. On the last day of the advent calendar, your dog will find a larger cookie in the shape of a paw. All that’s missing is a high five (or high paw) from their owner to celebrate the festivities.

“Our puppy loves these goodies,” writes one person. “He can hardly hold back when he sees the advent calendar coming out every evening after dinner for his special treat. He has some gastrointestinal problems, but these treats don’t upset his stomach at all. We will definitely buy again next fall. ”

Get the Wüfers Advent Calendar for $ 59.95

8. This extra large advent calendar

Ring in the Christmas season with these healthy and delicious buffalo snacks.

Over 24 days, your dog will enjoy free-range grass-fed water buffalo from India, which is less fat and more protein than other popular types of dog foods. Every bite, from jerky strips to liver sticks, is coated with sustainably harvested honey for a sweet and savory taste.

“Great calendar,” writes one reviewer. “I was pleasantly surprised at how big the calendar is. Stella gets up every morning and sits in the middle of the floor until someone gives her a treat. “

Get the Honey I’m Home Extra Large Advent Calendar from Amazon for € 29.99

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