8 apps you must install on your mobile phone if you have a dog

If you are concerned about your pet’s grooming and wellbeing, here are 8 perfect dog grooming apps. Find them on Google Play!

Dogs are perfect pets for many people, especially if they have children at home. The energy, compassion, and unconditional love of these animals have made it one of the best companies on the market.

As part of our family, it is important to ensure their nutrition, development, and growth to ensure they have a fulfilling and comfortable life. Therefore, one of the most important aspects is to take care of them so that they are always happy.

8 apps you need to install on your phone if you have a dog

If you have dogs at home, you should know that there are some canine apps out there that are definitely very useful for their grooming that will make this task easier and more fun. If you want to know what they are, we invite you to take a look at our selection.

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The best dog grooming apps

  • UVI24
  • healthy dog ​​food
  • 11 animals
  • Parvasticity
  • NutriAnimauxChien
  • Bulldog
  • Dogwok
  • The homeless

As mentioned earlier, having a pet in the home, especially a dog, is caring, devoted, persistent, and obviously a lot of love. Hence, balancing these breakups will be a little tricky, especially when we have fast paced lifestyles.

That’s why there are apps for identifying and even grooming dogs that will help you find the perfect balance for everything and make raising your “best friend” unforgettable.


UVI24 is one of the best apps for dogs and it can help you find a veterinary facility quickly based on your location. Its 24/7 system allows you to find the nearest veterinary center that will take care of your pet.

In addition, it includes very interesting additional functions, such as video chats with the veterinarian you trust, if you need it. Also: “Can you go for a walk with me? Finding people to help you purposely walk your dog is a great feature. “

It has a digital pet search system that allows you to compose a message of your pet’s information and photos with contact information where the application will notify all users within a radius. Your animal’s dress has been found 5 km from where it was last found and thus helps to find it.

healthy dog ​​food

Feeding your dog is essential to its growth and healthy life. However, we are often not entirely sure which foods are more recommendable or which foods we are allowed to eat and which are not.

Healthy dog ​​food is exactly your companion. It’s an app that offers over 100 healthy recipes and settings for your veterinarian-approved four-legged friend.

You can also check food that is suitable for your dog, preparations with ingredients from your kitchen, calculate your favorite DER and food planning and much more.

11 animals

11pets is a 3-in-1 pet care app for families (11 animals: take care of your pet), animal shelters (11 animals: adopt) and professional dog care (11 animals: groomers) with special functions for each sector.

11 Pets: Take care of your pet, it has a number of features and functions ideal for everyday life with your pet, help you with medical history, vaccination checks, reminders, share information with your veterinarian and more.

11 Pets: Groomers, easy to manage with customers, developed by hairdressers for hairdressers, where you create appointment reminders, communicate with customers, receive receipts and bills, electronic appointments and more.

Finally, 11 Animals: Adoption was developed for institutions devoted to animal welfare, enabling animal and volunteer management, medical records, animal monitoring, adoption management, and more.


Parvasticity: Take control of your animals’ diet

The BARF diet is one of the most complete, essential and beneficial nutritional methods for your dogs, cats and ferrets because you have complete control over their food intake and ensure the nutrients necessary for their healthy growth.

If you plan to feed your pet using this method, Barfastic will help you with this task, giving you detailed information on recommended amounts of food based on the animal’s type, weight, age and activity level.

You can track your diet, find out what foods are allowed, access important information and much more. Without a doubt, this is one of the best dog and pet feeding apps that you can’t leave on your phone.


After feeding the animals, NutriPetDog is an app developed by a veterinary team that helps you control your dog’s diet while maintaining the quality of the nutrients.

You can register up to 3 dogs absolutely free of charge, calculate the ideal weight for your dogs based on their physiological characteristics, call up detailed health statistics and much more.

However, it also offers the option of taking your animal to the nearest veterinary clinic in an emergency and providing it with medical care.



Dojo: opinion of dog trainers

Dogo is a great app for training and having fun with your dog. Offers over 100 skills, games, training programs, and information from professional dog trainers.

It contains a library of commands and tips for your pet, perfect for any situation, and you can also interact with professional trainers to assess your pup’s development, seek professional training advice, and more.


DogWalk is one of the best apps for dogs

Daily walks for your pets with DogWalk

If you enjoy walking your pet, DogWalk is for you. This app allows you to track daily walkways and log distance and time to calculate your dog’s physical activity.

In addition, it offers very exotic options like “Pee & Poo” to determine where your pet goes to the bathroom and mark it on the map, create hangouts with friends and even share photos with others. User of the dog lover community. .

The homeless

Rover - dog walks, kindergarten visits and reports

Rover: hiking reports, visits and kindergartens

Our newest app is Rover, the perfect pet grooming tool to help you find trusted caregivers near you when you need pet shelter, daycare, or more. When you need a rollator.

With this app you can keep a GPS log of your dog’s walk, communicate with your dog handler, book and pay for a service securely via the app or manage your reservations and customer service as a dog handler.

With all of these dog apps, we have no doubt that your relationship with your pet will improve and you will enjoy a life full of wonderful memories and unforgettable experiences.

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