7 Signs Something is Wrong With Your Dog’s Health

Because our dogs can’t talk to us, it is up to us to know when they aren’t feeling well. It’s good to be aware of these signs and to keep them in mind so that you can quickly spot them if your dog is ever sick. This can be especially helpful if your dog is elderly or has fragile health already. If you are worried about your dog’s health, here are some of the most common symptoms to look for.

Signs That Something is Wrong with Your Dog’s Health

1. Fatigue

Older dogs will naturally begin to have less energy, but if your dog is normally active, fatigue could be a sign of something wrong. Many diseases and health issues are associated with excessive tiredness or fatigue. This is a common symptom and should not be ignored if it is out of the ordinary.

2. Behavioral changes

Sometimes your dog may start to act differently if they aren’t feeling well. This could come in the form of aggression or a depressed mood. If a dog’s health isn’t what it should be and they are feeling poorly, they will often appear melancholy or depressed. If this continues for a few days, you may want to schedule a vet visit.

3. Lack of appetite

It isn’t uncommon for dogs to skip a meal or two occasionally, but if you notice them not eating several meals in a row that might be a sign of something. If your dog goes a few days without eating and can’t be coaxed, this is a clear sign. Dogs who stop eating should be quickly taken to the vest. This can sometimes be a sign of a blockage, disease, or virus.

4. Drinking Too Much or Not Enough

Poor health indicators can often come in the form of their drinking habits. This is why you should try to pay attention to how often you have to fill their bowl. If your dog is drinking excessive amounts of water, they may have diabetes or be developing kidney disease. There might also be something else wrong if they do not want to drink and cannot be coaxed to. If your dog doesn’t drink for an entire day, they need an immediate checkup.

5. Peeping in the house

If your dog is normally well behaved and never has accidents indoors, peeing inside can be a sign of something serious going on. This usually indicates diabetes or kidney issues, but several issues can cause this.

6. Stiffness or Limping

Stiffness or limping should always be addressed, even if your dog is older. If they are limping or having a hard time getting up or down, they are often in pain. And pain should always be taken care of as fast as possible. Even older dogs should not just start to limp out of the blue. If they do, it should be addressed by a vet to rule out anything serious and to try to fix whatever is causing it.

7. They are clingy

If your dog is not normally very clingy, sudden clinginess can be a sign that something about your dog’s health isn’t quite right. They will often become clingy when they do not feel good or can tell that something is wrong. If this is abnormal, you might want to check into it, especially if they have any other symptoms.

How to Prevent Health Issues in Your Dog

Now that you know what symptoms to look for in your dog. Let’s discuss how you can help to keep your pooch healthy and happy. Because prevention is always the best medicine.

Have regular vet check-ups

Any dog, whether young or old, healthy or unhealthy, should have regular vet appointments. This should be something you do several times a year just to keep an eye on your dog’s health. Since they can’t talk to us, health issues can spring up quickly without us knowing. Regular checkups can help to prevent this from happening.

Keep them at a healthy weight

It is easy to overfeed our beloved dogs, especially as they get older and less active. But if you want to keep them around for as long as possible, you have to think of the big picture. Your dog’s health is closely tied to its weight. An overweight dog will not live as long and will have more health issues. Make sure to pair a healthy diet with plenty of exercises, as well as gentle exercise for elderly dogs.

Feed Them Good Food

It’s all too easy to feed your dog the cheapest stuff that’s out there, but like humans, dogs need to eat good food too. Try to feed your dog the healthiest options that you can get your hands on. Generally, brands that include natural ingredients within the first two or three ingredients are a good option. You want to prioritize dog food that is loaded with protein and has no, or at least limited grains added. Generally, the fewer ingredients that it has, the better.

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