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Trump’s own defense minister says it is “pretty much final” that he caused the Capitol uprising

Former Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller blames former President Donald Trump for the Capitol uprising, arguing that without him it is “pretty much final” that it would not have happened. Miller, who served under Trump and was in office on the day of the January 6 attack on the Capitol, spoke to Vice about the former president’s actions in connection with the uprising. When asked if Trump was responsible, Miller pointed to the former president’s pre-insurrection speech, arguing that it clearly led to a violent attack. “The question is, would someone have marched on the Capitol and overrun the Capitol without the President’s speech?” Asked Miller. “I think it’s pretty definite that that wouldn’t have happened.” However, Miller added that he was not sure Trump knew he was “enraging the crowd” into rioting at the Capitol when he delivered this speech in Washington, DC Trump during his address before the uprising prompted supporters to march the Capitol and “show strength”. He was eventually tried a second time but acquitted by the Senate of “inciting insurrection” for his actions, condemned by numerous officials who served under him. Former Defense Secretary James Mattis, for example, blamed Trump for the uprising and said on January 6, “Today’s violent attack on our Capitol, an attempt to subdue American democracy through mob rule, was fueled by Mr. Trump.” More stories from theweek.com The media misses the point about Meghan Markle7, royally hilarious cartoons about Harry and Meghan’s overall interview, The Sinister Cracks of the Southern Baptist Convention

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