7 best possible canine leashes, in keeping with skilled canine walkers and trainers

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Taking your dog for regular walks is good for his or her health and weight management, but as many dog ​​owners know, finding the right leash can be difficult. So we asked professional dog handlers and trainers which leads they prefer, whether you have a dog that pulls a lot, needs a hands-free walk, prefers a retractable lead, or just needs something sturdy.

Best retractable leash: Tug Retractable Leash, $ 19.99 at Chewy (1-3 day free shipping on all orders over $ 49)

Lin Belarge, owner of Walkies DF, a dog walking, feeding, and training service in New York, loves this leash and notes that it is super comfortable and rarely tangles or tangles. “The inner spool is very strong compared to other lines that you can hear rewinding and rewinding while using cheaper lines. It doesn’t lose its shape or strap like other lines and the brake is rock solid, ”she says. She walks 80 pound pit bulls and labs on the medium size of this leash and says she never has a control problem. “I trust this leash. The spring clip never rusts and the handle is ergonomically correct for my big hands, ”she says.
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The most versatile leash: Blue-9 Multifunction Hands-Free Dog Leash, $ 21.95 at Amazon

Made from washable nylon, this easy-to-clean leash – which can be easily converted from 1.80 m to 1.80 m – is a top selection from Nicole Ellis, a certified professional dog trainer and lifestyle expert for pets at Rover. “I love this leash for its two clips and multiple attachment points that allow me to convert it to any length and style,” says Ellis. You can simply loop it onto a strap or double-clip it and carry it over your shoulder for a hands-free stroll. “This leash is as versatile as it gets,” says Ellis.
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Durable and stylish: Leerburg Amish Brown Leather Leash, $ 25 on Amazon

“My favorite leashes are Amish leather with a solid brass buckle. They will last forever if you take care of them, and they are strong enough for dogs of all sizes. They’re much more manageable compared to nylon leashes and have a timeless look that never goes out of style, ”said Miguel Rodriguez, owner and operator of City Dog Pack, a NYC-based dog walking and training company.
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For dogs that pull a lot: Sleepypod Power Leash, $ 39.99 on Amazon

Rover’s Ellis recommends this leash for dogs that are more difficult to walk. The leash is made of high-strength nylon fabric and has a strong snap hook so that you can control even very strong and determined dogs: “It is very important for me to know that the material does not break under a pulling dog,” she says. “An additional integrated loop further down the six-foot-long leash is particularly useful when I have to keep my puppy close to me, for example when a skateboard passes us on a walk or we are crossing the street.” Additional bonus: “When If you add the added convenience of a trash bag slot, you can’t go wrong, ”says Ellis.
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With several dogs: Mendota Products Slip Striped Dog Leash, starting at $ 15.99 on Chewy (1-3 day free shipping on all orders over $ 49)

“I mostly do structured pack walks and usually have between four and eleven dogs in my hand at a time,” says Hadley Raysor of Dandy Dog Walker in Alameda, California. She uses this Mendota Slip Leash, which is a leash and collar in one, on these walks to keep control of the dogs and to comfortably hold her own hands. In fact, the braided rope material is designed to be gentle on the hands when it is run in.
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Fashionable (and charitable): Found My Animal Cotton Rope Dog Leash, $ 26 to $ 64 on FoundMyAnimal.com

“This leash attracted me because it is beautiful. Made in Brooklyn, NY from hand-dipped, intertwined ropes, it has a thick bronze clasp that provides the most incredible lock security feature. It’s easy to hold, sturdy, and a portion of the proceeds go to animals in need, ”said Melissa Bacelar, owner of Wagmor Pets, a Los Angeles-based dog rescue service.
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