7 Best Cat Toys To Entertain Your Pet

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Cats are no doubt wonderful animals worthy of a loving home and owner, and they can bring people good luck and peace of mind just by watching them do fun, adorable things!

But what can make a cat even happier and at the same time useful to its human are cat toys!

After all, messing around with your pet is one of the best stress relievers, and some exceptional, high quality cat toys can really add to that experience!

Of course, a more complex toy for your cat will also help to play with its own health, as it can encourage movement and even allow it to safely practice its hunting instinct.

Walking around the house and focusing on a specific object they enjoy can have very positive effects on their health, which veterinarians have proven many times.

This level of activity is of course very similar to how we humans have hobbies or exercise to clear our minds, reduce fears and help us focus on various important tasks.

Of course, cat toys are often not only for the cat, but you can also join in, which improves the owner-animal bond between you and at the same time promotes their behavior.

You may be familiar with the common cat toys like lasers, feather bars, or catnip toys. This list doesn’t include these, however, instead it features some of the best cat toys that can take your pet’s fun to the next level.

If you’re a cat owner, you know all too well how quickly cats can lose interest in a toy, at least for a while, if not forever.

In this case, it makes sense to search the market for some offers that can keep their attention and interest for a longer period of time.

Your great furry friend is guaranteed to love each of them – all you have to do is check this list and choose the one that you know will best suit your personality.

Swimming robotic fish with LED lights

This toy is perfect if you have an outdoor cat who has a tendency to chase birds and chase squirrels all the time. Instead, your kitten can now play colorful electronic fish in a bowl filled with water!

All you have to do is provide the said bowl and water and then turn on the cute robot fish and put them in the water.

They even light up and make sure your cat’s attention and interest is caught right away. It’s safe to say that your pet will have a lot of fun pounding fish with their paws.

Interactive fun roller trainer for pets

The second option is a really engaging and stimulating toy with three lanes for three balls in contrasting colors.

It’s a roller trainer at its core, but cats obviously love it more than something to play with.

Plus, owners will no doubt love it very much too, as it resembles a cartoon character from Pendleton Ward!

Windmill cat toy with catnip ball and massage center

This windmill cat toy with catnip ball and massage center can do it all and looks so unique too! When the cat hits the glowing balls, the windmill spins and encourages them to keep playing as it piques their interest.

Not only that, but it also comes with catnip which will boost them and keep them busy longer!

The base of this toy has a suction cup that can be attached to the wall or floor to keep it as stable as possible. After all, the nub center has a dual function as a chew toy that can clean the animal’s teeth and as a relaxing massager for it.

Interactive robotic cat toy

If your pet has a tendency to follow your robot hoover, you can be sure that they will love this toy made especially for them!

Not to mention, this device works perfectly on pretty much any surface, be it tile, carpet, or wood. The movement mimics real prey, which is why your cat will love it as it can use its predatory instincts.

In addition, this set is equipped with a few different attachments – so the animal never gets bored, as it can play with a ribbon, another time with a crinkle ball and another time with a feather!

It will keep their interest by making it appear new and exciting every time they see it.

Automatic, interactive laser cat toy

It’s no secret that cats love to hunt down laser pointers and try to catch them. If you know this is true for your own pet but don’t have that much time to interact with and entertain them, this is the solution!

This automatic laser cat toy allows the animal to track the beam of light even when you are away.

The laser is set to move across the floor in random moments for about 15 minutes so that the cat doesn’t get overexcited and tired too quickly.

Not to mention, this feature is great as you don’t even have to think about turning it off.

Electric Flutter Rotating Cat Teaser

If your cat prefers to play with feather bars, this automatic flutter toy will definitely have their full attention!

Instead of feathers, the device has a series of brightly colored butterflies that sporadically turn and arouse the animal’s predatory instincts.

Your cat will be happy to chase you!

In case you are concerned that it might end up ripping and tearing, keep in mind that this toy comes with replacement butterflies too!

Covert movement cat toy

This hidden movement toy will encourage your active and intelligent kitten to jump and play without hesitation!

All you have to do is turn it on, and the colorful lights and fluffy wand will instantly wow your cat and walk around everywhere.

The fact that it’s automatic allows you to focus on your remote work or whatever else you need to do at home or on the go, while also making sure your cat doesn’t get bored during this time.

It also has adjustable speeds, which means that you can always change it depending on your pet’s agility, so that it never gets too much or, on the contrary, too boring for him.