600-mile reunion: Cat from Houston space reunited with house owners after being present in Northwest Arkansas

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Springdale, Arkansas (KFSM) – Carl, the cat, was reunited with his original owner, Jason Ludlum of Bay City, Texas, on Monday (February 8) after going missing for four years.

He’d been hanging out in a neighborhood in Springdale, Ark., Nearly 600 miles away, for the past year.

Along with fellow Springdale residents, Justin Brown looked after Carl all along in the hope that his owner would claim him for himself.

Recently, Brown’s family took Carl to the Lyon Veterinary Clinic in Tontitown to see if he had a microchip. And sure it was.

The Tontitown clinic contacted Jason Ludlum to give them the news. He was pleasantly surprised to learn that Carl was still out there taking care of him.

Just days later, he jumped on a plane to Arkansas to get him.

Vet Brad Lyon says wherever Carl was before he was found in Springdale, he was very well looked after.

“It’s pretty unusual but it happens,” said Lyon. “We lost and found animals six or seven years ago. That’s why we microchip animals and hear stories like that all the time. We have to be part of one so far this year. 2021 is a good year. ”

Carl’s owners have no idea how he got all the way from Texas to northwest Arkansas, but are happy to have him back.

Jason and his wife Angi bottle-fed Carl as a kitten.

He grew up with cats and dogs, but preferred to hang out with a specific dog. Carl took the dog for a walk and learned to bark like a dog.

Now Carl is on a long journey home to Texas to reunite with the rest of his family, where he will be a popular house cat.

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