6 Tips to Redirect Cat Scratching and Save Your Couch

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Everyone loves cats. Their little triangular noses, delicate whiskers, and bean beans make them irresistible … but their tendency to scratch your furniture is a lot less cute. And while scratching is a natural cat behavior that you shouldn’t be discouraged by harsh scolding or declawing, you don’t have to put up with the fate of torn pads. There are several ways to redirect your cat’s destructive tendencies, starting with understanding why he is doing it in the first place.

First, understand why your cat is scratching

Veterinarians and animal health experts say cats have a tendency to flex their claws for a variety of reasons (not just to shred your couch!). Here’s why your cat scratches the furniture:

The key to saving your furniture is redirecting your cat to scratch-resistant places.

1. Cover up

If your cat is in a love affair with a particular ottoman that borders on abuse, simply stopping their paws from simply covering the area with an old blanket or towel. This way, the blanket will take the brunt of the load when it scratches itself.

If you can’t use a blanket, wrap foil or tape around the surface you want to protect.

2. Keep them away with spray

Buy a cat-safe spray, spray your furniture well, and see if it keeps your cat away.

3. Give her other places to scratch

Place a cat scraper (or two) next to their favorite shredding spot. She should have several places at home to stretch and sharpen her claws.

You may need to experiment a little to see what your cat likes to scratch. Scratchers can be horizontal, vertical, or angled and made from many different materials. It can take time to find one that your kitten will fall in love with.

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The story goes on

4. Keep them busy

Since she may scratch herself for mental stimulation, saving your furniture can be as easy as giving her toys. Interactive cat toys will keep them occupied and entertained, and daily playtime with their favorite human (that’s you!) Will help even more.

5. Cut her nails

If you’re teaching her what not to scratch, you can trim her nails briefly to avoid damaging the decoration.

6. Stay on the paw

Always use positive reinforcement with your kitten and never scream or spray water. Sprinkle catnip on their scratching posts and scratching posts to encourage them to scratch on them – rather than on your latest IKEA purchase.