50 Cat Footage You Have to See

One look at these cute cats and you will feel better right away. Don’t you believe us Try it!

Carlos G. Lopez / Getty Images

The world needs more cat pictures!

Which animals are the cutest animals in the world? We don’t know about you, but we think it’s nearly impossible to make a choice … though we’re ready to go through any adorable animal photos we can get our hands on for a definitive answer. (Hey, it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!) There are adorable puppy pictures and baby animals that will make you melt, as well as photos of cute farm animals that are fun too. But these cat pictures will make you rethink everything, especially when you see the cute kittens. These fluffy cats are living their best lives … and stealing our hearts in the process. Prepare to say, “Awwww!” more times than you can count with these pictures that will instantly brighten your day.

If you think your pets would go with these adorable pictures, we want to see them! Reader’s Digest is looking for the most touching, delightful, or amusing friendships that a pet is involved in. Submit your story and photos (and videos!) For review. We will honor the best in many categories of friendship online, in magazine, and on social media.

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