5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Cat Alone When You Travel

If you are thinking of leaving your cat alone on your next trip or vacation, here are a few reasons to reconsider.

It’s easy to believe that cats are fine when left alone, but that’s just not the case. Cats need their human friends just as much as dogs do. They depend on your presence. You should never leave your cat alone for long periods of time, even if you think she will be fine. It’s a lot harder for them than you might think. aside from thatThere are so many things here that can go wrong.

Longer than two or three days is way too long and should be avoided. Whenever you’ve been away that long, you should always prepare by getting someone to check your cat on a routine basis.

1. You can get lonely

The idea that you can leave your cat alone for long periods of time is common. People do it all the time and think it’s perfectly fine. But is it really okay to leave your cat alone for long periods of time?

Cats may be solitary by nature, but they can also get lonely very easily. They’re used to having you with them and when you’re not around they don’t know what to do. This can make you lonely, melancholy, and even depressed, depending on how long you’ve been away.

Without you, they have no one to interact with or get attention from. This is not healthy for any pet, whether cat or dog.

2. You can become destructive

If cats are left alone for days, they can quickly become destructive because they are sad, angry, or bored.

Not only is this bad for your home, but also for your cat. Many animals end up eating whatever they destroy. If your cat tears into your pillows or pillows in your absence, chances are they are consuming small amounts of stuffing as well. If an animal eats something in the house, it’s usually bad because it could suffocate or get an intestinal obstruction.

Some less serious reasons to worry about destructive behavior are the negative habits that being alone can create. Your cat could get used to sitting on the counter or using the kitchen table as a scratching post. You don’t want them to keep falling into bad habits.

3. It’s boring for them

Being alone is boring, even for cats. They don’t seem to be dependent on you all day, but you would be surprised.

Without you, your cat will be bored and looking for entertainment. This can lead to a number of things they shouldn’t be doing. It goes hand in hand with them becoming destructive.

Cats also tend to eat more when they are bored, which means they can quickly start putting on the pounds. Not only that, it’s also not good to leave your cat alone to entertain itself. IIf you are very bored, you are bound to find the wrong type of entertainment in your home.

4. You might need something

One thing everyone should consider before laying down and leaving their pets behind is whether or not your cat needs something. Many people leave their cats without asking anyone to look after them. This can be very dangerous as things can easily pop up out of nowhere.

There are so many things that can go wrong while you are away. What if the kitchen leaks or a lightbulb bursts? Your air conditioner may go off or have problems with the plumbing. There are all kinds of household problems that could pop up without you realizing.

Leaving your cat alone for several days may also run out of food or water. It can be easy to misjudge how much you might need, especially if you overeat or drink when you are away.

Litter boxes should also be cleaned every other day or so to keep it hygienic for them. If you’ve been away for a week it means your cat has to go to the bathroom in a very dirty litter box. This is harmful to your health and very uncomfortable.

There are also health concerns. Hopefully no one would leave an elderly or sick cat alone for several days. But even a healthy cat can get sick out of nowhere.

5. You have emotional needs

One of the main reasons not to leave your cat alone is that they are like dogs emotional needs.

You shouldn’t leave them alone to take care of themselves because they need emotional support and love. Like dogs, they are dependent on their owners and need to have them around.

It can be easy to assume that they are okay, but they really are not. Humans need casts almost as much as dogs. When you are gone, they will miss you and will likely even feel a little abandoned.

This can make your cat feel sad and even depressed while you are away. This is just as bad for any animal as it is for humans.

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