5 Best Smart Dog Collars, Feeds, And Apps, According To A Vet

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While you are wondering about all of the benefits of your fitness tracker, you might also consider hooking up your pup. Many devices sync right with your phone so you can monitor Fido’s activities and food intake. Access to this information is a critical factor in pet health, says Natalie Marks, DVM, co-founder of Vet Scoop. It gives veterinarians unprecedented access to the animal’s home life, and gives puppy parents a glimpse into what goes on when they are away (plus peace of mind!). Before this technology, all information about a dog’s activity – and changes – had to come from its owner if and when he noticed his furry friend scratching, whimpering or gasping more than usual. It is now recorded and can be shared with your pet at the next appointment.

However, adds Dr. Marks adds, the process is still being perfected. There is currently no integration system that simply transfers the information gathered by this technology and sends it to the veterinarian or veterinary clinic, but pet parents can share the data stored on their phones during their office visits. “The sooner we can know [health or behavioral changes] about having a pet at home, the sooner we can hopefully see that pet in the diagnosis. And usually the sooner we diagnose something, the better the chance of a prognosis, potential solution, or even a cure, “adds Dr. Marks. Be sure to discover smart pet technology in advance, from collars to automatic feeders to apps that support the Make pet care more collaborative than ever:

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Pipe switch collar

By detecting changes in movement (walking pace, excessive licking) with 24-hour tracking, this collar measures deviations from your dog’s personal baseline. For example, suppose the app shows an increase in scratching – your vet can take a close look at your skin, offer a cure, and look for improvements.


SureFeed® microchip pet food bowls


$ 172.49

Now that you have a record of your pet’s eating habits – a major problem since loss of appetite can be a sign of illness, says Dr. Marks.


Fi Smart dog collar

A fancy collar that not only lets you see where your handler is taking your pup during the day, but also includes an escape alarm and tells you how far he is daring on a hike? Priceless for that peace of mind. Turn on the LED light at night so you can always spot Spot.


Animo activity and behavior monitor


$ 90.00

This pet tech option snaps onto your dog’s existing collar for monitoring everything from sleeping to barking and allowing you to set daily dog ​​goals. Additionally, if you’re worried about separation anxiety, it even records how much they bark and shiver when you are not around.


Guardian Vets Emergency Service

Take advantage of all of your pet’s recently acquired telemedicine experience. If your doctor works with Guardian Vets (download the app from the iOS and Google Play stores), a digital platform with on-demand veterinarians, you can get help outside of business hours. Say you have an unexpected question or a late-night emergency. The team will take pictures based on your pet’s file, refer you to an emergency room if necessary, provide roadside care, and schedule an appointment for the next day.

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