5 Best Dog Grooming in Nashville, TN

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Below is a list of the best and premier dog grooming services in Nashville. So that you can find the best dog grooming service near you in Nashville, we’ve put together our own list based on this review score list.

Nashville’s Best Dog Grooming:

The top rated Nutritionists in Dog Grooming in Nashville, TN are:

  • Eating is a lifestyle – offers its customers a sustainable and easy-to-understand nutrition plan
  • Nourish Northwest – Offers a range of services to help you achieve the healthiest body
  • Zest Wellness and Nutrition LLC – delivers customized nutrition plans based on the individual needs of their customers.
  • GI Nutrition NW – specializes in digestive health tests and treatments
  • On Pace Wellness – Helps clients optimize their diet for improved health and performance


WashPaw dog grooming in Nashville, TN

WashPaw is a certified pet advocate providing a comfortable experience for customers and the fur animals. They offer fun and relaxing activities that support happy lives for parents and their pets. FUtejmroe, the salon is equipped with low-noise care technology. They also house 100% natural and organic shampoo and conditioner. They make sure that it is free of harmful chemicals and additives.

All employees are trained animal keepers. In addition, they offer a stress-free nursing session. In addition, they offer self-service washing, bathing and brushing salons as well as dog cuts and styles. There are also services for cats.


Dog grooming, self-service laundry


Address: 4811 Trousdale Dr. G, Nashville, TN 37220
Telephone: (615) 781-9544
Website: washpaw.com


“I honestly had an amazing experience with WashPaw! It’s our first summer with our cat and she’s losing like a devil. A friend recommended she let her be groomed to help, so I started researching local places where cats were groomed and ended up with WashPaw. Noodle didn’t come out traumatized, and my dog ​​groomer (I didn’t get her name, and I now regret it so much) even gave me some incredibly helpful tips on how to bathe her at home. Such a reasonable price for a hair removal treatment, plus her ears were cleaned, her nails trimmed and she was sent home with the cutest little bow. I can warmly recommend WashPaw! ” – Carter Jane Pond

Pet salon in Nashville

Nashville Pet Salon dog grooming in Nashville, TN

Nashville Pet Salon exceeds current health and beauty standards for the community’s beloved pets. You provide services based on honesty, integrity and quality. In addition, the employees are all well trained and have been in the industry for years. They make pets look and feel great.

Various bathing and care packages are available for fog and cats. In addition, they want the pets to be comfortable throughout the session. The costs depend on the size and type of coat of the animal. They also offer skinning, brushing, stripping of hands and brushing teeth.


Dog grooming, brushing teeth, depilation


Address: 2704 Larmon Ave, Nashville, TN 37204
Telephone: (615) 730-6500
Website: nashvillepetsalon.com


“Katie’s a dog whisperer. She knows what my dog ​​needs for a quiet experience, other dog hairdressers do not. Your work experience is great! High quality care !! We love Nashville Pet Salon! ” – Laura Tenzel

Aussie pet mobile

Aussie Pet Mobile dog grooming in Nashville, TN

Aussie Pet Mobile provides quality carers and loving attention to the cats and dogs. The company is owned and run by Jeff Lichterman. He has been in the animal care industry for almost 7 years. In addition, they continue to cater to the individual needs of customers.

They offer a range of services for cats and dogs. In addition, this includes assessing on-site care, cutting the nails, and doing the first rinse. In addition, they offer additional services such as paw balm moisturizing and peeling treatment. They also offer flea and tick shampooing.


Dog grooming, cat grooming, treatments


Address: Nashville, TN
Telephone: (615) 403-1222
Website: petgroomermidtn.com


“Miss Laura takes great care of my babies! She arrives on time and always greets us with a smile under her mask. I know she loves my kids like her own (even my wild bunny mini schnauzer Archie) because they all love to be cared for and loved by Miss Laura! The one-on-one attention with mobile service is unbeatable and we will never use another service or groomer! ”- Katie Spann

The dog place

The Dog Spot dog grooming in Nashville, TN

The Dog Spot is voted the best pet boarding, daycare and pet care in Nashville. They offer a large and spacious place for the pets to be looked after. In addition, knowledgeable employees and specialists take care of the beloved pets. Before dogs are accepted, make sure that the dogs are friendly, social, and healthy.

There is a day care center and a boarding school. In addition, the dog boarding house offers a private room and a clean and comfortable bed. There are also dog grooming services such as nail clipping, baths, and ear cleaning.


Dog grooming, dog sitting, dog boarding


Address: 5001 Alabama Ave, Nashville, TN 37209
Telephone: (615) 334-0000
Website: thedogspot.com


“We love the dog place! We are brand new dog owners and took in our little girl when we got married. The staff are so friendly and kept us updated when one day she was not doing well. We also got a free bath for our puppy as a wedding present! We are more than excited about our choice for daycare and boarding school. Things happen in business, but I am sure that all negative encounters in the past have been one-off situations. We will continue to be loyal customers! ”- Erin Flint

Dippity DO dog

Dippity DO dog grooming in Nashville, TN

Dippity DO Dog offers comprehensive dog grooming and grooming in a funky setting. The staff consists of all animal lovers with years of experience in the industry. In addition, they guarantee to deliver pampering luxury and retail. The environment is also cared for to be safe, clean, and stress-free. They also encourage communication between the groomer and owners.

The full-service grooming devices include ear cleaning, nail care and a whirlpool. In addition, they offer full-service bathing that includes nail clipping, ear cleaning, and a whirlpool. There are also additional services such as express anal gland and teeth brushing.


Grooming dogs, cutting nails, brushing teeth


Address: 6601 Sugar Valley Dr, Nashville, TN 37211
Phone: (615) 941-5292
Website: dipitypetsalon.com


“Very nice people who clearly like what they do. Easy appointment scheduling. Very responsive and communicate well. The prices are reasonable and my dog ​​looked great. ”- Kelly Bear


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