5 Best Dog DNA Test Kit for Pet Parent

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With adoptions on the rise and the fact that nearly three-quarters of US households own pets, it makes sense that we as pet parents are eager to find the answers to everything related to the dog. Recent studies have found that mixed breed dogs make up more than half of all dogs that share our home – more than any single purebred. The mixed breed dog really is America’s dog!

If your mixed breed puppy has truly unique traits, strange behavioral tendencies, or chronic health problems, you can’t help but wonder where those traits are coming from. Are poodle-like curls a sign that your dog may be hypoallergenic? Does your puppy nibble your ankles and take care of your kids because they’re a part of Cattle Dog? Does your fluffy escape artist have hoarse genes? Are these Dalmatian spots? What kind of dog do I have?

Guessing a mixed breed dog’s ancestry is much harder than it looks – studies show that identifying a dog’s breed from its appearance is only accurate 25% of the time. Enter: Canine DNA Testing. Thanks to this technology, it’s incredibly easy (and fun) to dig into your dog’s genetics and discover their origins. But not all tests are created equal: some canine DNA tests offer deeper breed evidence and accurate genetic information than others. Why does that matter? Many breeds of dogs are predisposed to certain hereditary health and behavioral traits. Labrador retrievers, for example, are prone to proopiomelanocortin (POMC) deficiency, which causes severe obesity that begins at an early age, and herding dog breeds often test positive for the multidrug resistance mutation (MDR1) gene, which puts them at higher risk of medical complications for otherwise usual interventions due to drug intolerance.

But with your lovable pooch’s genetic information, not only can you know potential genetic conditions to look out for, but you can also be a proactive pet parent and schedule annual tests to stay one step ahead of the game. Think of it this way – if there was a specific health problem in your own family history, you would take the steps to prevent you from inheriting it, right? Pets are also part of the family!

Dog DNA testing kits are generally affordable and easy to use – you are just a cheek swab away from knowing everything about your pup. But which DNA test should you choose? We did some research and found that the Wisdom Panel ™ canine DNA test was by far the best in its class as it has the largest breed database in the world and ensures that its results are over 98% accurate. Below we list more reasons why it beats the competition …

1. Wisdom Panel PremiumThe best choice of bark!

With the Wisdom Panel ™ Canine DNA Test, you are getting a superior product at a reasonable price. The science behind it was developed by world class geneticists and veterinarians. And starting in 2021, Wisdom Panel will track over 40x more genetic points per sample, making it the most comprehensive and accurate canine DNA test on the market. Their breed library (350+ breeds and up) is larger than any other DNA test, so the rarest breeds won’t slip through the cracks. Then their easy-to-use interface makes it effortless to view your dog’s breed breakdown – listing each breed in the mix down to 1% – with over 98% accuracy.

You can even trace your puppy’s ancestors back to their great grandparents! But the best thing about it? With 210+ genetic health tests, from drug intolerance to vision problems to mobility issues, you’ll be better prepared when it comes to your pet’s health. And if you still have questions, Wisdom Panel offers a free consultation with a licensed veterinarian to explain your dog’s health results.

  • Over 98% accurate
  • Screens for 350+ races
  • 210+ genetic health tests
  • Over 35 trait tests including coat type, color and ideal weight
  • Multi-generation family tree
  • Veterinary advice possible
  • $ 159


Initiate canine DNA test

2. Embark health and race ID

The Embark Dog DNA test also helps dog owners learn more about their dog’s breed composition and health risks. Their Relative Finder feature will notify you when other dogs who have taken the test have a common ancestor with your pup. Embark also shares photos of dogs with similar breed mixes so you can see other cute pups like yours.

  • Screens for 350+ races
  • 200+ genetic health tests
  • Canine Relative Finder function
  • Veterinary advice possible
  • $ 199


dna my dog ​​dna test

3. DNA my dog

The DNA My Dog Test is a great option for budget shoppers just curious about their dog’s breed mix. While it doesn’t search nearly as many breeds or provide insights into your pet’s health, this pet DNA test is easy to use and doesn’t require any technical (iPhone app) knowledge. After you’ve wiped your dog, simply send the sample by post and wait 2-3 weeks later for the result by email as a PDF.

  • Screens for 100+ races
  • Easy to use, no login required
  • Displays the DNA breakdown of the breeds by level, rather than a percentage
  • Limited health information
  • $ 68.99


orivet dog dna test

4. Identification of Orivet mixed breed breeds

Orivet has DNA profiled over 150,000 dogs and cats since its launch in October 2010, but during that time, the Orivet Mixed-Breed Identification user interface has been less intuitive than that of its competitors. The Orivet Canine DNA Test Kit provides adult weight prediction for puppies, diet suggestions, and can provide warnings and advice on routine health care.

  • Screens for 350+ races
  • Weight prediction (for pets under 12 months)
  • Displays the DNA breakdown of the breed percentage
  • Targeted for breeders and veterinarians
  • Limited health information
  • $ 109.00