40 cats found living in filthy conditions in North Bellmore home

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News 12 employees

05.10.2021, 10:38 pm

Updated on: 10/5/2021, 10:38 PM

At least 40 cats were removed from deplorable living conditions in a North Bellmore home that was sentenced through Tuesday.

A neighbor, Erin Urbanski, says she and her neighbors have been asking Hempstead Town officials since 2017 to help with the disgusting smell of cat urine as well as dozens of cats that poop on their lawns and lay dead on the streets.

Hempstead city officials say the regulator’s office was only recently contacted about the cat problem and the legal process to get into the house is taking time.

Nassau County’s SPCA officials believe there could be up to 50 more cats that have yet to be rescued.

Rescue workers say many of the cats are now being treated for respiratory infections, eye infections, and other health problems.

A local animal shelter has set up safe traps to trap the rest of the animals.