4-Year-Old Boy Loses Arm In Tecumseh Dog Attack

A boy from Tecumseh is in hospital after losing his arm in a brutal dog attack.

“I’ve seen some pretty severe dog bites and dog attacks, but usually they’re punctures, cracks, scratches and the like. A limb isn’t entirely missing,” said Tecumseh Police Chief JR Kidney.

The officers found this out when they pulled up to the house on Sandy Rock Road and Old Santa Fe Lake Road on Friday.

The little boy Axel is 4 years old.

“The dogs belong to the grandparents and the boy was with the grandparents,” said Niere.

According to the police report, Axel’s grandfather later informed the police that the little boy had reached into one of their dog pens. Inside were two adult pit bulls and two puppies.

“His arm is in that pen,” one officer said in the body camera footage of the crime scene.

The grandfather said the boy was probably trying to pet the pups when the male dog attacked Diesel.

The officers tried to get the arm out of the enclosure.

“The dog was aggressive towards them,” said Kidney. “You finally had to put the dog down to recover the arm.”

Police said Axel was taken to OU Health and operated on and then left.

“The family is currently focused on Axel’s recovery and health,” said local attorney Michelle Freeman.

Freeman helps Axel’s family but couldn’t give News 9 many details. She gave News 9 a picture and permission to use the little boy’s first name.

Freeman said the family’s main petition is positive thoughts and prayers.

“Axel is fine. He always has a family member with him,” said Freeman.

Tecumseh police told News 9 that they are currently investigating this case as an unusual accident.

“We contacted the Department of Human Services and Children’s Services to investigate the case as well,” said Kidney.

He told News 9 the department had nothing pointing them in the direction the charges are now being brought, but Kidney said it depends on the outcome of the DHS investigation.

“My caution is when you have a child around animals that have just had puppies, you need to keep an eye on them,” said Kidney.

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