33 purebred Persian cats imported from Italy looking for new homes after living in ‘cluttered and crowded’ home in Massachusetts

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Thirty-three purebred Persian cats are looking for a new home after being dumped from a Massachusetts home that was “cluttered and overcrowded,” MSPCA-Angell said.

“The cats – ages five to 12 – were matted and dirty from the crowded and crowded conditions in the house, with most still being treated for upper respiratory infections, with many requiring major dental work,” MSPCA-Angell said in an explanation.

The cats were handed over on Aug. 23 and had to have all of their coats shaved off, which “grow back into the shiny long-haired coats the Persians are famous for,” MSPCA said. The cats are also being treated for health problems such as upper respiratory infections and dental disease.

MSPCA’s Law Enforcement Department helped deliver and remove the animals from the home. The owner of the cats, whose identity is not disclosed, will not be charged.

“This is a situation where the main caregiver of the cats died and this gentleman was left to care for them alone. He quickly realized that he could not meet their needs and agreed to hand the cats over to our adoption center, ”said Tom Grenham, Director of Law Enforcement at MSPCA.

Purebred Persians are considered a highly sought-after breed and are usually very sociable and friendly. These cats are even more special as some of them were originally imported from Italy.

We are looking for adoptive children from September 4th. An adoption request form can be filled out here.

“These cats may need a lot of upfront and ongoing grooming, but they are stunning and we hope to find adoptive parents who are excited to bring one home and willing to assist them on their recovery journeys,” said Mike Keiley, director of adoption centers and programs.

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