33 cats rescued from Monroe dwelling after mail service notices some on roof

MONROE, me. – Officials rescued 33 cats from a seemingly abandoned house in Monroe after a postman noticed some of them on the roof.

Friends of Companion Animals shelter manager Penny Bly said a postman named Monroe County Animal Control saw cats on the roof of the house.

“Animal Control directed the postman to contact us, and after coordinating with MCAC who will take the lead on this venture, FOCA volunteers jumped into action and secured their first batch of cats , including seven cats, “said Bly.

The owner first said there were about 15 cats in the house but then clarified that it was probably closer to 30 cats, according to Bly. A total of 33 cats were rescued from the house and are being held at the Friends of the Pets location in Monroe.


Pet Friends in Monroe. (FOCA)

She said this was the greatest rescue the nonprofit has seen in its history since 2011.

“As you can imagine, some of these cats require serious medical attention,” Bly said. “For example, two cats appear to have a genetic mutation where their front paws grow abnormally so they need declawing to relieve their pain. While another required a partial tail amputation due to exposed bone. Others struggle with vision problems, upper respiratory tract infections, and other diseases that you commonly see in colony cats that are left without medical attention. “

She said she didn’t know what could happen to the owner.

“FOCA’s top priority from the start has been caring for the cats,” said Bly. “We need to make sure they are receiving medical attention, and for those who are kind, we want them in loving homes. For those who may not be so friendly due to a lack of human interaction, we will add them to our stable cat program so that they too can live a comfortable life. “


Anyone interested in donating to help these cats can click here to visit the Friends of Companion Animals website.

“Now that the cats are safe, begin the second and third legs, including medical care and fundraising,” Bly said. “We already have the medical appointments. Now it’s just a matter of generating the funds for these procedures.”

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