3 Must-sees on CBD in veterinary medicine

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3 videos with invaluable insights into the latest developments in CBD in veterinary medicine.

With CBD becoming a more polarizing discussion in recent years, veterinarians should familiarize themselves with this emerging hot topic and its advances in animal health. To help you, we have selected 3 videos that describe the latest research on CBD and how you can approach this issue with clients as a treatment option.

From the latest breakthroughs in CBD to communicating the benefits to customers, there is something for everyone. Have fun watching!

  1. Light in the dark of CBD in veterinary medicine: Stephen Cital, RVT, SRA, RLAT, VCC, CVPP, VTS-LAM (Res. Anesthesia) shared the latest on CBD in veterinary medicine and future research that is ongoing.
  2. CBD and acupuncture as rehabilitation modalities: Philippa Pavia, VMD, DACVS-SA, described that pet owners anecdotally experience the benefits of using CBD for their pets, although she claimed there were gaps in research on the subject that will come over time.
  3. Raising the CBD Issue with Customers 101: This CBD expert provides tips to help clients discuss the sometimes controversial CBD treatment options.