3-month-old rescue joins Swatara Township Police pressure as remedy canine

According to the Swatara Municipality Police Department, “Tattoo” reports for duty.

He’s a 35-pound mix of Labrador Retriever and Pit Bull hired to work with School Resource Officer Ben Stewart in the Steelton-Highspire School District. He is the latest addition to the department.

The 3-month-old rescue got its name in “memory of Christine Stoltz, who recently died of cancer and has served as a receptionist for the (police department) for the past 25 years,” officials said.

“Christine loved tattoos and how they give personal meaning to the people who get them,” officials said. “We believe that Tattoo will leave a lasting impression on everyone he interacts with.”

His role: therapy dog.

“It will be an extension of SRO Stewart’s day-to-day duties,” officials said. “Once his education is complete, Tattoo can help students, staff, community members and other first responders.” His engagement extends to situations and incidents, which include public events, public relations and community engagements, traumatic incidents, bereavement, forensic victim interviews, criminal investigations / interviews, crisis interventions, visits to medical facilities and partnerships with authorities and non-governmental organizations profit organizations dealing with the effects of trauma, mental health and crime. “

The department’s K9 program assists first responders and all Swatara Police officers exposure to traumatic events. The hope is to improve mental health and wellbeing.

“Therapy K9 programs have been very successful in various settings across the country and we are pleased to offer this service to the students and staff of the Steelton Highspire School District and the community members we serve,” said officials. “We are very excited about this program and can’t wait for all of the students to meet Tattoo after he has received his required education.”

Tattoo was a donation to the department. Its education is cheap, officials said. He joined the team on February 13th.

“We are sure that his presence will help hundreds of people in the course of his mission,” said the department.

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